When three friends went on a fishing trip, they were found killed by an unknown assailant that cast their murders under unusual circumstances.

Many questions are left why the three were killed and who might be the killer responsible for the triple slayings. That left more answers that questions to the local authorizes investigating the mysterious slayings, reported ABC News.

People were left is shock as authorities in Central Florida are investigating possible leads in the brutal murder/slay of three victims gone on a fishing trip. Much to the surprise of local residents that three corpses were found at a local lake. The mysterious triple murders happened on a Friday, as the weekend was coming about.

The local sheriff's office informed the media that one of the unfortunate victims was able to call his father when the murder happened. But, so far there has been no tips and leads in the three-way murder.

Victims have been identified as Damion Tillman, 23, Keven Springfield, 30, and Brandon Rollins, 27, all died without any indication whether one or several assailants killed the trio.

The last time they will go fish together

According to witness, the three pals scheduled a day of angling at a fishing spot in Lake Streety. The lake is in Frostproof, Florida. Little did they know, it will be last time anyone will see them alive. Hours late the Polk County Sheriff's Office would announce the discovery of their lifeless bodies near the lake.

The father of Rollins told the local sheriff that his son calls at 10 pm last Friday, last words were help the line went dead. He immediately got into the car, and went to the fishing spot, that his son mentioned before leaving the house, reported Hound Country.

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Brandon Rollins was barely breathing when his dad arrived at the fishing spot, after receiving the call. The other two were dead by the time Rollin's dad arrived. Rollin's was able to tell his day what happened before and after getting attacked. The sheriff related all this but is keeping the details private. 

What happened at Lake Streety

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said on last Saturday, the series of events that led to the triple murder of Damion Tillman, Keven Springfield, and Brandon Rollins is this.

Amongst the three victims, it was Tillman who arrive at Lake Streety before his friends got there. Both Rollins and Springfield got there later. But, no indication if they arrived while Tillman was getting attacked when they arrived or after their arrival. It is agreed that both friends were shot trying to assist their friend in need of help, that got them killed, said Republic World.

Judd added that what he saw at the lake crime scene was horrifying. He added that amongst all the crime scenes that he has witnessed, it is the worst in his career.

One the way to the lake, Rollin's dad had to call 911 at a payphone because he left his mobile in a huff. The police found the grieving father at the site with all three victims expired, Rollins died soon after his dad found him.

Polk County Sheriff's Office has set a $5000 reward, saying that their community is small.

Sheriff Judd appealed to anyone who has a tip or a lead that can bring the killer or killers of the three friends; Tillman, Springfield, Brandon Rollins to justice, cited Daily Mail.

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