The missing body of Fort Hood female soldier Vanessa Guillen was found covered in cement. Police claimed that this is the killers' attempt in hiding her body.

According to Crime Online, details of the murder were shared by Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller, who told unsettling details of the Fort Hood soldier's demise.

In the course of searching for the missing soldier, several suspects were considered as persons of interest on the disappearance of the 20-year-old victim.

One of the suspects committed suicide

Natalie Kwaham, the lawyer for the victim's family, informed that a suspect who was identified as Aaron Robinson killed himself with a pistol. Investigation shows that around 1:30 am on Wednesday, Robinson got information about human remains getting discovered. When asked about it, he ran while only wearing his shorts and committed suicide with his firearm. He died on the spot with a self-inflicted headshot.

The dead soldier's remains were discovered in a grave that wasn't too deep, just near the Leon River located in Texas, according to ABC13 Houston. Miller confirmed that the body found is indeed the missing Guillen. The medical coroner also ran identification on the corpse.

However, since the human remains are covered up and encased in concrete when found, it will take some time for the coroner to get a positive identification. Miller said the Guillen's killers took time to pour prepared concrete on the corpse to create a casing for it.

Further investigation revealed that the killers bought lime, plastic bag, shovels to accomplish the task. Lastly, they covered her body with rocks.

Miller told the victim's kin that she was already dead when she was found. The family wanted more answers about Guillen's horrific murder. 

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While he was on his way to Fort Hood, Miller received a frantic call from the victim's sister. According to Miller, the family were not pleased because the military is keeping them in the shadows when it comes to the details of the case.

Based on some eyewitnesses' account, on April 22, Guillen was summoned on her off day by an unidentified individual. One particular witness saw a man lugging a black 3-foot Pelican case at the armory. Guillen works at this particular armory too, as mentioned in the WFTV9.

Miller added that the suspect had a hard time boarding his vehicle. To throw anyone off the trail, the suspects kept on defacing the body by trying to burn the corpse by Leon River. The army base was about 26 miles from the Leon River.

When the area was cased and examined, a fire pit was found. Investigators also discovered a pelican case that was partially burned, but they were not successful according to Picuki.

Miller's idea of how Guillen was killed

He said that the 20-year-old was murdered at the armory, in the morning. At 8:30 pm, someone got the body and put it inside the case. Guillen's corpse may have been in the case for 10 hours in the armory before someone retrieved it.

A civilian noticed a foul stench by the river, and immediately reported it to the authorities.

It is not yet determined if all of the body parts were complete, or if the deceased's body was chopped to the bits. If all body parts are accounted for, the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas will verify it.

The mother of the deceased told Crimeonline that a sergeant was sexually harassing her daughter.

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