A man who disappeared for five years has been confirmed to be dead after his remains were found. These remains were discovered under the floor board of the suspected murderer's residence.

Alaska Department of Public Safety reported that a suspect was charged for the murder of a missing man for the last five years. Discovery of the remains caused the suspect to attempt escape by dressing as his sister.

One of the major suspects in the disappearance of Daniel Roy Buckwalter, 46 is Jay Osmond Gardner, 55 since Buckwalter's car was found ner Gardner's home. He has been a person of interest in the eyes of the law for some time, reported Crimeonline.

The case was at a standstill for investigators until a recent development. He was arrested by Alaskan State Troopers when disguised, attempting to escape while dressed as his sister. This was the development needed to put together all the evidence that is needed to charge him for that murder. The outstanding warrant for Osmond got the ball rolling for the investigators.

The authorities got a legal search warrant on Gardner's property. On April 6, they ran through his lot and excavated the areas. But, there was no remains to be found on the property. Not deterred by not discovering any evidence to charge Osmond when another warrant was gotten. On the 20th of April, the house was looked over for critical evidence to connect the disappearance to Osmond.

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Discovery of Daniel Buckwalter's remains

The Alaska Department of Public Safety is now more careful in searching for the remains of Buckwalter. All the floor board were taken apart meticulously. Discovered under it were the remains of an adult male that was already decomposing badly. The remains were found under the floorboards under a three-foot cover of dirt and rocks, cited Nation Editions.

After the examination of the remains, it was confirmed as the boy of Buckwalter. According to the state medical examiner's autopsy, Buckwalter died by strangulation and getting shot.

Decision of the court

On the 30th of June, Gardner is charged for both first-degree murder and second degree murder, with tampering of physical evidence to conceal any proof of murder that he committed.

Records state that Buckwalter was seen alive on August 4, 2015 but disappeared on August 12. His vehicle was found abandoned with no trace of him soon after.

The troopers who were on the crime scene where able to find blood and tissue that was in the missing man's car. Affidavit for the arrest of Gardner's cites this was one of the reasons for a murder charge.

Gardner said that Buckwalter owes him for drug money. The suspect got the victim to go to his place on August 4, 2015. He alerted unidentified men that Buckwalter was coming. The victim entered his house with Gardner and was shot by one of the men. He saw the victim running after getting shot.

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