The famous host Ellen DeGeneres went viral on Twitter for her apparent untimely death with users spreading #RIPEllen all over the social media platform on Monday.

Is Ellen DeGeneres dead?

According to the New York Post, however, the hilarious tv host is still alive and kicking amid the death hoax rumors that have been spreading of her that began last week. The talks began when talks that her popular show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show: might be getting axed, which led to the viral but ultimately false controversy.

Some fans have been confused by the mixed information that they saw on social media sites and did not know which one to believe.

Other users, on the other hand, spread forged obituaries of the supposed deceased 62-year-old comic and tv host that pictured several celebrity doppelgangers of the star.

One such incident occurred when a Twitter user shared a picture of Glee star Jane Lynch's character from the show with the caption "#ripellen fly high, angle" as a commemoration of DeGeneres.

Several other users on the social media platform spread inaccurate celebrities including Justine Bieber, Kathy Bates, and Katy Perry captioning them with the tv host's death and expressing their condolences in an attempt to make fun of the hoax.

Recent events had led the award-winning show to have the host experience rising heat with rumors spreading around that the show would be cancelled due to falling ratings.

Producers, however, reassured the public that the show would not be cancelled and still continue to provide entertainment to all its fans and viewers, as reported by Insider.

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The announcement did not deter social media users from spreading the alleged death of the tv host, however. It continued to use the hashtag to spread false news of the entertainer's alleged demise.

Some users also referenced a video of a woman jumping off a roof who the user claimed to be DeGeneres as a way to mock the host's death hoax directly.

Controversy after controversy

Previously in April, the host compared self-isolation in her glamorous mansion located in California to the experience of being in prison which got fans and the public in outrage, calling out DeGeneres for her statement.

Criticisms of the tv host also spread when she allegedly kept information of the schedules and paychecks of her crew from them at a time when the coronavirus was still running rampant across the nation and severely affecting the financial status of most American citizens.

Even before that controversial incident, several people who have worked with the host including NikkieTutorials, a makeup YouTuber, openly revealed their negative experiences with the entertainer, sparking even more criticisms and outrage.

According to Cosmopolitan, one of the first controversies about the host began when she defended her friendship with former President George W. Bush when a picture of the two spread online.

Another incident was when DeGeneres tried to grill Dakota Johnson for allegedly failing to invite the host to her birthday party. It was revealed, however, that Johnson did invite DeGeneres, leading some fans to suspect that the reason she was unable to attend the gathering was that the entertainer was too busy keeping her friend, the former president, company.

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