Recently, an anonymous user publicly announced his claim that he was the son of United States President Donald Trump and recently charged of sex trafficking Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's long-time confidant.

A monumental secret

The announcement was made on Twitter when an account named "Rogue Senior White House Advisor" came out with his confident statement, as reported by Inquisitr.

The user immediately gained widespread fame from its initial creation two years ago as being one of the most secretive White House insiders who has been working to reveal publicly unknown information about the American president.

Several high-profile news names began to follow the account and monitored what intelligence the so-called insider had about the United States president including The Atlantic and Reuters, but was not able to erase doubts that it could have been someone playing a long-running prank on Trump and his critics.

The week before July 4, the account continued to tease followers that it would be revealing the identity of the individual behind the account which it would reveal on Independence Day.

Using a new account and spectacularly, the person appeared in a video and claimed to be Trump's long-secret son and revealed his name to be James Maxwell Trump while also showing a birth certificate he used as supportive evidence to his claim.

After the announcement, however, the account had since deleted all its past tweets, changed its displayed name to "Jimmy Trump," and stopped all postings.

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Trump and Maxwell's son?

According to Snopes, the account used the birth certificate as proof that he was the biological son of Trump to Maxwell, who was previously charged and arrested for sexual abuse and other crimes.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed the birth certificate was fake and forged to look legitimate. The document was altered from the actual birth certificate of an individual named Tara Ann Uzamere.

The person shown in the profile picture was also found to be a fake, as it was the mash-up of the faces of Trump and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The account also wrote in its location with "in DJTJ's Head," which is a reference to Donald J. Trump Jr. and suggests the real objective of the person behind the account was to prank the United States president's family.

It was also found that the birth certificate was forged by altering some of the details to make it seem like a legitimate birth certificate for one James Maxwell Trump who does not exist. The perpetrator failed to change the document numbers and discolorations of the original file, leading to the discovery.

The fraudulent document also made errors in altering the birth certificate number found on the top right of the document as it suggested James Maxwell Trump was born in Utah, contrary to what the user wrote down as Manhattan.

The supposed birth was placed as 1973, 19 years before the supposed illegitimate child of Trump and Maxwell was even born based on the Twitter account.

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