Last year, a tabloid published a rumor that suggested actress Angelina Jolie was starving herself to death. The tabloid, NW, wrote that Jolie was dizzy, faint and breathless after returning home from a trip to Colombia.

Jolie's refusal to eat

An alleged insider claimed that the actress was malnourished and exhausted and she refused to tell her aides the results of the doctor's examination. The insider also added that Jolie could go for weeks without a full meal and it was like she was on a hunger strike because of all the stress in her personal life.

However, the story was debunked by the entertainment site Gossip Cop. The supposed insider can't explain why Jolie refused to eat and the alleged doctor's examination does not have a legit source. Gossip Cop reached out to a source that is close to the actress and they reported that nobody close to Jolie has heard about the rumor and that she is perfectly fine.

The report also stated that Jolie was never admitted to the hospital after she came back from her trip to Colombia and no doctor had told her to eat or she might die.

With all the evidence raked in by Gossip Cop, it is clear that the story was just made up by NW. Jolie has not been starving herself. In a letter written to TIME magazine, Jolie talked about how open she has been in the past about her medical condition. The actress underwent surgery twice, in 2013 and in 2015, as part of the preventative measures against cancer.

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Jolie wrote that she is often asked how her medical choices and being public about them have affected her. She added that she hopes to give as many years as she can to her children's lives and be there for them. It is clear that she cares enough about her family that she is doing everything she can to stay healthy.

Other ridiculous rumors

Despite being debunked, NW still wrote another false article about Jolie. The tabloid reported that Angelina Jolie was being forced into rehab and is refusing to eat because she was "traumatized" that her eldest son went to South Korea to attend college. The claim was contradicted by a report from Entertainment Tonight about how the actress had encouraged her son to travel as much as he can. The actress had not gone to rehab.

In January 2020, NW changed its story and claimed that the actress was spending millions on revenge plastic surgery after she discovered Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had gotten back together. The thing is, Aniston and Pitt have not reunited and Jolie had not undergone any plastic surgery.

Another tabloid, In Touch, claimed that Jolie was furious that Brad Pitt wanted to have a baby with Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid insisted that the two were back together and are now planning to start a family. However, all of this is not true. Aniston and Pitt have not gotten back together, which means that the baby plans are also not true.

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