Four months after the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, three suspects who were accused of the crime and involvement in his death have been indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday.

According to CNN, Joyette M. Holmes, Cobb District Attorney stated that Greg McMichael, his father Travis McMichael, and William R. Bryan were indicted by Glynn County's Grand Jury on charges of felony murder and malice in view of Arbery's death.

In addition, Holmes added that the pursuit of justice for both Arbery and his family continues. Also adding that this same justice is also for the whole community who will largely be affected by the decision on the case.

Aside from the above-stated charges, the indictment also stated that the suspects were also charged with criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, false imprisonment and aggravated assault, NPR reported.

The grand jury has been chosen or impaneled ahead of the imposed judicial emergency in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Holmes also emphasized that when the jurors convened on Wednesday, necessary precautions were taken and social distancing was followed.

Moreover, the case's special prosecutor added that the family of the victim has already been notified of the jury's decision. Holmes also said that the family was very happy about the news since they were already unsure of the next steps they would take after the last preliminary hearing.

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The death of Arbery

It can be recalled that during the day of his death, February 23, 2020, 25-year-old Arbery was simply jogging outside Brunswick, Georgia when the McMichaels chased him, accusing him of burglary.

According to The New York Times, after the altercation between Arbery and the McMicheals, Gregory McMichael told the authorities that his son and Arbery fought over possession of Travis' shotgun which led to the shots that killed the victim.

Gregory also told the police that they mistook Arbery as someone who was suspected in the series of break-ins and burglary that has occurred in the area around that time.

However, Gregory's statement contradicted the records that stated there were no series of break-ins that happened or were reported in the area seven weeks prior to Arbery's demise. Moreover, it was stated that there was only one report of a break-in that involved a stolen gun from a vehicle just in front of the residence of the McMicheals.

Meanwhile, Bryan was the one who was able to record the fatal encounter from his car. The footage that was taken by Bryan went viral and was the evidence that resulted in the arrest of the McMichaels and eventually his own.

According to investigators, they believe that Bryan was an accessory to the crime since it is suspected that he used his vehicle to both detain and confine the victim for multiple instances just a few minutes before his death.

Moreover, in a testimony that was made earlier this month, an agent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that Arbery most likely felt trapped during the encounter which is the reason why he chose to fight back.

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