An off-duty cop from Los Angeles claimed that he found a tampon in his Starbucks Frappuccino. The cop's police union immediately called out the act and stated that it was a disgusting assault on law enforcement.

However, the internet says that there is no way that what the cop found was a tampon and the public is now questioning the narrative due to the increase of false alarms from the police.

Tampon in the frapp

The incident happened on June 19 at around 2:30 p.m. The 36-year-old off-duty LAPD cop stated that he ordered frappuccino at a Starbucks in Diamond Bar, California, which is a part of the LA County. But the incident only came out in a report on June 22 after a police report was filed, according to FOX11.

 FOX11 reported that the off-duty cop was not in uniform when he went to Starbucks. He used his police union debit card on his purchase, which was how he was identified as a cop, according to the police report. He then found what he believed a tampon in his frapp when he was halfway done with his drink. The LAPD union was quick to release a statement about the incident.

According to the statement, the assault was disgusting and that it was done by someone who clearly hated the cops and who does not have human decency. The statement also read that they hope the person responsible for the incident will be fired, arrested, and prosecuted for the repugnant and cowardly action.

The picture of the alleged tampon was posted online and it led to dozens of women dragging the cop on Twitter after they pointed out that what he found in his drink was not even a tampon.

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The Starbucks branch where the cop bought his drink was located in Target, and its workers are employees of Target and not of Starbucks.

According to Target's statement, they have reviewed the video footage and they have not found any suspicious behavior. The sheriffs of Los Angles are also reviewing the surveillance footage from the store.

Other incidents

The Starbucks incident comes a week after police officers from New York were allegedly poisoned by an employee of Shake Shack who was said to have put bleach on the milkshake of the three cops.

According to The Post, the incident escalated from the three officers getting a bad batch of milkshakes without any criminal activity to allegations of workers hating the cops and are trying to harm the officers. This came at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement where the public is asking for the defunding of the police.

On June 15, the three officers ordered milkshakes from Shake Shack and found that they tasted odd and smelled weird, they suspected that the beverages had bleach in them and threw the drinks away. The initial report stated that the three cops were hospitalized, but it turns out that they never felt sick according to Eater New York.

The incident became a crime scene investigation and caution tape was even put up, evidence was collected and the Detective's Endowment Association claimed that the cops were deliberately poisoned.

In Georgia, a female police officer, who was dubbed by the internet as "Officer Karen". According to the New York Post, the officer posted a video of her crying because her McMuffin from McDonald's was unusually late and she was scared that it may have been tampered with.

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