Currently undergoing quarantine with Prince Harry and son Archie, the former Duchess of Sussex is reportedly pregnant as the US is combatting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been straying away from the media glare since they relocated from Britain to Canada and eventually to Los Angeles.

The duchess is causing a Twitterstorm for the rumor circulating that she is apparently pregnant with her second child, reported International Business Times.

An Instagram user, @quasitypical, posted an old photo of the former "Suits" actress at an event months following Archie's birth.

The rumor has also made its rounds in their tightly-knit circle.

The speculations were ignited after the former duchess participated in a video call with community kitchen volunteers last week, according to Micky.

Upon initially moving to Beverly Hills, Prince Harry and Markle were captured every other day while providing food packages to locals in need and walking their dogs under the sun. Since then, the couple has lied low in their borrowed mansion for over 2 months even as California gradually eases lockdown measures, insiders stated.

Markle allegedly had her stomach hidden during a public video message recently. She was donning loose-fitting clothes amid her son Archie's birthday.

The source remarked that she has confessed to trying and preferring a second baby close in age to Archie.

The video with Archie showed Markle reading a book entitled "Duck! Rabbit!" to the little boy.

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"She's made sure to keep her stomach hidden as far back as May when she wore a loose denim shirt and plopped baby Archie on her lap to film his 1st birthday video," the source said.

The online world believes that Prince Harry's wife for the second round due to the fact that she preferred to wear an A-lined dress despite publicly known to be not pregnant. She placed her hand on her stomach, a gesture commonly made by pregnant women.

Concrete pieces of evidence are yet to be made to confirm such hearsays as of now.

The insider remarked that whispers have been making its rounds. "Meghan and Harry have everything crossed for a little girl to complete their family and sooner rather than later."

The 38-year-old's alleged pregnancy intensified the previous week when she had the camera focused on her from the shoulders up during the aforementioned video call with community kitchen volunteers on the devastating Grenfell Tower fire's 3rd anniversary.

With the probability of the very happy news, sources indicated that Prince Harry's royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton could be the last to know.

The insider explained, "Meghan knows exactly how that will look, having the queen and two future kings finding out about it at the same time as an ordinary person, and that's exactly how she likes it."

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