A recent murder of a woman who was cut in half with body pieces stuffed in suitcases is finally identified in the gruesome mutilation suffered, that includes getting charbroiled too.

Police have finally gotten a lead on the dismembered and charred chunks which was discovered in a forested area.

Despite the horrible mutilation suffered by the victim, police have found pictures of the chopped and burned victim, who is identified as Phoenix Netts, 28 years at the time of her murder.

 A lead was unearthed that pointed to where she was murdered in a Birmingham refuge for women, according to information that she had been living there for several months.

Suspected for the mutilation and charring was 27-year-old Gareeca Gordon. She was living in the same place as the victim, located in the Lozells district of the city, said, neighbors.

Police were thinking the victim was dismembered at the torso before the suspect torched the victim.

Another suspect has emerged as an accomplice, Handyman Mahesh Sorithaya, aged 38, who resides in Wolverhampton, though he was granted bail later.

The victim of the gruesome crime was last traced to mid-April, since then her phone was ringing off the hook, got disconnected on Tuesday too.

Her loved ones were shocked and cannot imagine her untimely death.

Phoenix Nett's family request to given time to grieve for their loss.

Family members were appreciative of the effort by the police, to solve the victim's murder.

Suspected murderer, Gareeca Gordon was later held for the charge of murder, on or before the date of May 12, 2020.

Authorities dispatched forensic specialists to analyze the crime scene, where the victim was gruesomely killed and mutilated by the suspects.

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Initially, the specialists concentrated on the room that the suspect occupied in the women's home she lived in before getting slain.

On the property, the investigator-initiated a thorough search in the crime scene, looking over wheelie-bins, a bike, and in the backyard of the house.

The suspect

Gareeca Conita Gordon, who hails from Jamaica was officially charged on Saturday, over the slaying of Miss Netts, which officers are still verifying last Saturday.

Leads have turned up, that she lived in North London under an alias, mentioned a source.

One of the neighbors mentioned that five women were in the home recently, but lately only four of the usual five who were seen oftenly there.

The source said that one white British female resided in the bedroom at the form of the house, adding later that she was not to be seen in several weeks.

He then confirms that the slain woman was not present the last month, for some reason.

The same neighbor said that Gareeca, keeps her bike inside the house. The victim was from the Caribbean, just the right weight and with glasses, living on the first floor as the victim.

Police were checking the middle bedroom, because of the activity that was noticed by the neighbors.

Checking the home with rooms, with only four occupied, with the other women have moved out.

Late the police discovered a circular saw that was used to cut the victim in two. The chopped-up torso was put inside suitcases.

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