After receiving rave reviews, ESPN's new 10-part documentary series about Chicago Bulls and its Superstar Michael Jordan seemed did not please everyone. In an interview in the "The Odd Couple" with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio, former Bulls guard and Jordan's former teammate, Craig Hodges criticized the superstar for the way he portrayed some of his old teammates.

Playing alongside Michael Jordan in Chicago from '88 to '92 season, Hodges took exception to Jordan referring to the Chicago Bulls team when he was drafted as a "cocaine circus."

According to CBS Sports, Hodges stated that one of the things as players they call this a fraternity, he also shared that while watching the first episode he was upset about the 'cocaine circus' for it bothered him for he was thinking about the brothers who are on that picture with him who have to explain to their families who are getting ready to watch this great Michael Jordan and the Bulls documentary and they know that he is on the team, and now he needs to explain it to a 12-year-old boy.

Bothered by the fact that Jordan referred his teammate Scottie Pippen as 'selfish' for the timing of his surgery in 1997 in the middle of contract dispute against the Bulls' front office, Hodges blamed Horace Grant for the leakage of the inside information to media members as such information was reflected in the book of Sam Smith entitled, The Jordan Rules.

The former Bulls guard was also upset for he was not interviewed for the Last Dance documentary.

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Aside from the Scottie was 'selfish' part, Hodges confessed that he was hurt about last night with Horace and he wants MJ to know that it is not right for Horace did not deserve to take the fall for 'Jordan Rules' and he mentioned that if Jordan knows something else and knows about the motive of Horace, he should share it for they are not just teammates, they are brothers and he reiterated that he was upset for everybody got interviewed but not him.

On the other hand, Hodges clearly wants to have an opportunity to share his experiences and thoughts during the days he was still in Bulls uniform for the documentary, but somehow thoughts that may have painted a slightly different picture than the widely positive manner that Jordan has been portrayed.

Despite being revered by most players he encountered during his era as a player, wherein he helped them to take an extra step to reach the Hall of Fame just like Kobe Bryant, the idea is clearly not universal as Hodges' comments proves it against his former teammate.

Described as a notorious and tough teammate by some, it appears as well during his finals years as a player.

"The Last Dance" is a documentary which tackles basketball but specifically focuses on Jordan's journey and final hurrah as a Champion with the Chicago Bulls. With this, controversies arose which are inevitable especially with the career of who was considered as the greatest player of his time.

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