Gamers on consoles PS4 and Xbox who loves "The Sims 4," are in for a surprise. Reports indicate how "The Sims 4" cheats can be activated on console and how to change how their avatar's look on PS4.

"The Sims 4" is included in the free PS Plus games for the February 2020 subscription. PlayStation 4 console gamer may avail of online subscriptions and can access this game for free and nothing to pay too. Former players may find delight that there is now an option to enables them to alter avatars in anyway that is desired. The player can customize anyone to their liking, with all the options enabled.

This February 2020, the 20th anniversary of the Sims series, "Sims 4" will be offering the game at no extra cost for owners of PS4. Previously, EA released the Tiny Living DLC pack on the PlayStation, after releasing it on PC. Old gamers who are not familiar with the fourth instalment will find new changes in the fourth edition of the sims.

How to access "The Sims 4" cheat on PS4

Get all the money needed to buy everything in the game. Without trying too hard to get everything needed too.

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Steps to be followed, before the cheats are at the gamer's disposal. Access the hacks by typing, "testingcheaton." This is an important first step to do so the cheats will work.

After typing the "testingcheaton" to access the cheat box, find the shoulder buttons and press the four buttons all at once. Well, this is true for "The Sims 4" PC gaming. But cheats can be accessed in a different way through console.

For PS4, pressL1, L2, R1, R2 all together while for Xbox One, press LB, RB, RT and LT. After succesfully doing that, you can now see a pop-up window where you can enter whatever cheats you want. However, there's a catch. Cheating on console will remove all achivements and trophies in-game. 

Customizing the appearance of avatars in Sims 4

To do this, use the cas.fulleditmode cheat to change how the avatars look like on the PS4. With the cheat typed in, press X and 0 (circle) on the Sim that will be altered to preference. Start choosing how they look like.

Using the Modify in CAS option will allow you to change your character's look on PS4. This cheat will change the physical appearance and character of the Sim of choice.

When playing "The Sims 4," there are essential Sims 4 cheats to get the most out of gameplay. PlayStation4 gamers will love this add-on game to their subscription in February 2020.

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