Two of the biggest and most prolific tech companies in the world will be competing beyond the smartphone arena. This time, Samsung and Apple will slug it out in the smartwatch dome.

In terms of design, Apple has assumed the phone-look of its time piece. The rectangular shape depicts a smartphone on anybody's wrist. A huge improvement is the combination of the stainless case with a ceramic furnish.

Considering its luxurious materials, the Gear S3 puts in an outdoor appearance. However, its round case portrays a traditional approach.

Both smartwatches are flexible enough to institute a trendy outlook. The stylish straps are interchangeable. More than that, the respective touchscreen display is in vogue and fully functional.

With regards to durability, the Samsung Gear S3 is able to thrive in rough places. The device has been subjected to standard military tests wherein the item is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

While the Apple Watch Series 2 has never been vocal about the endurance capability of its product, it has openly stated that its unit is waterproof. Such declaration fully supports the idea that this smartwatch can survive during swimming.

In terms of switching modes or selecting apps, the two tech firms have taken separate routes. Samsung has utilized its rotating bezel around the screen to choose functions on the menu. In addition, the groove ring can also be used for volume control when playing the music.

Apple, on the other hand, is reinventing the crown watch. This part of the Series 2 is being used for apps options and other related functions.

When it comes to software, both smartwatches offer exciting features. Although the Tizen ecosystem of the Gear S3 is less powerful than Apple's watchOS, it has around 10,000 applications to choose from. More importantly, it also has a built-in warning mode that will signal people about the user or owner's whereabouts.

The Apple product has added real-time heart rate accessibility to its fitness apps. In addition, PokemonGo enthusiasts will have lots of fun with the catching game included in the system.

With regards to hardware, the Apple Watch Series 2 is powered by a dual-core S2 processor which vows to be 50 percent faster than its predecessor. It also has a GPU that performs twice the efficiency of the Series 1.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Gear S3 has also a dual-functioning 1GHz CPU with 768MB of RAM plus 4GB of storage space available. The device is close to becoming a total sports time piece with the addition of a GPS, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.