• Sen. Ted Cruz Cries Foul Over Twitter Censorship: Followers Deserve to See The Post's Hunter Biden In connection to Twitter’s censorship of The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was slammed by Senator Ted Cruz during a heated exchange of words during Wednesday's Big Tech Hearing.

  • Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTube in 2020 Video is the leading form of visual media online, but it isn't always easy to produce. The more attention you want to attract, the higher the quality your videos need to be. Although the modern smartphone can rival the average DSLR in terms of clarity and precision, editing is still a process that takes time to master.

  • Lee Family Faces Legal Battle Over Control of Samsung Following Chairman's Funeral The family of Samsung Electronics' chairman Lee Kun-hee held a funeral for the late patriarch on Wednesday as his death put the control of the chipmaker, and the largest conglomerate of the country, into question.

  • Jack Ma Makes History With Ant IPO Making Him the Most Influential Man in China With yet another record-setting IPO, wealthy tech magnate Jack Ma is growing over $34 billion, thereby solidifying his role in the world as being one of the successful tech entrepreneurs in the globe.

  • Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Messenger App The Facebook Messenger app has over one billion users. However, in contrast to the Facebook competitor WhatsApp, Messenger does not possess the crucial security necessary to secure your content from prying eyes.

  • Lee Kun-hee, Force Behind Samsung's Rise as a Tech Giant, Dies at 78 Lee Kun-hee, the man who honed Samsung to become a global tech giant, died on Sunday at aged 78. Samsung did not identify the cause of his death.

  • iPhone 13: Possibly Better Than iPhone 12 for Killer Features The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro's release are a big step forward from the iPhone 11 series. However, the models have a shorter battery life over 5G. The good news is that Apple can still do something about this in the form of the upcoming iPhone 13.

  • Deciphering Google's Constant Call For Better Content Following pretty much every update for the last 4 years, Google has been famously and frustratingly tight-lipped about what exactly is in their search algorithm.

  • Apple iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro Review: Which One Should You Buy? The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro's insides are almost identical, according to a Chinese tech channel's teardown video. The phones use the same L-shaped logic board.

  • Transformation In People's Online Behavior Induced By The Lockdown In 2020 With most countries going into a complete lockdown since March due to the coronavirus pandemic, turning to the internet for recreation and work was the only option left for people confined to their homes.

  • How the Weakening of the US Dollar is Causing Bitcoin Prices to Rise The relationship between other market forces and Bitcoin has for long been the guiding force of the market. Investors believe that the inverse relationship between Bitcoin and Equity, Bitcoin, and the US dollar, Bitcoin, and gold has forever been shifting the price up to and down.

  • How to Become a Better Trader for Bitcoin Nothing is just sure when we talk about Crypto trading as it is a world that goes through frequent changes. Contrary to the standard stock trading, it is the world that is famous with the name of" the Wild West" but there are some restrictions that are quite successful to maintain a certain discipline within the world of cryptocurrencies.

  • Modern World and Cloud Computing - Predictions for Coming Times Cloud computing has made a mark in the field of technology it came in 2018 and since then the levels of adaptation have changed. It is very advanced and has made quite a reverberation on the definition of cloud and has made people improve their viewpoints on cloud computing for achieving their business objectives.

  • iPad Air Review: The Best iPad On Sale Right Now The new iPad Air is larger, faster, and more expensive than the model it replaces. Apple added a USB-C port and support for its second-generation Pencil stylus.

  • ROFX IPO in 2021 - Is Warren Buffett Showing Interest? The global forex market stands at an outstanding daily trading volume of more than 6 trillion dollars. This makes the forex market the best vehicle for gaining some profits, provided they play their cards right. The current volatility in the market is sure to help users of automated trading software especially that of ROFX, a front-runner in this field.

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