Will Hayden, a former "Sons of Guns" star, pleaded not guilty in a child rape in Louisiana, Fox News reported on Friday. 

An 11-year-old girl is said to have been sexually abused by Hayden, 49, along with another victim 20 years ago.

Hayden pleaded not guilty to aggravated rape in Baton Rouge, in a case where he's been accused of raping a young girl between March 2013 and August 2014. He is also facing charges for a rape of another preteen girl in the early 1990s. A panel has also accused him of sexual misconduct against his oldest daughter, Stephanie Hayden Ford.

The defaced actor is also the founder of Red Jacket Firearms. They have since cut ties with Hayden.

"It has been hard getting past the stigma of what Will has done," said Meaux, who added that Red Jacket Firearms will be rebranded Meaux Guns and Ammo, according to The Advocate.

Hayden's lawyer, Frank Holthaus, said the allegations were false and Hayden is ready to fight for his freedom in court, NOLA.com reported.