Ryan Murphy recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the current fourth season of "American Horror Story," but also dished (a little bit) on Season 5. He had previously said the first two episodes of Season 4 would hold clues to what the next season would be about.

While chatting with EW, Murphy said he's been paying attention to all the fan theories, but said "nobody has gotten it right."

"We're not doing space. Because space is not in America. It's 'American Horror Story' not 'Intergalactic Horror Story.' But I thought the clues about people thinking it was space was clever," he said. "I always love it when people come up with these theories but it is 100 percent not space. It is land-bound and it takes place in the United States."

Murphy told EW in a previous interview that he has already started recruiting actors for next season, adding that it will be "a radically different idea from the stuff we've been doing and it will take a lot of playing."

He also told E! Online that he's talked to Sarah Paulson (who plays conjoined twins Dot and Bette on this season's "Freak Show") and she "really loves" her Season 5 character. Details for the new season most likely won't be announced until the spring.

Following Season 4's premiere episode, fans flocked to social media to share their ideas on the upcoming season. One "American Horror Story" fan even created a blog to share thoughts on why they believe Season 5 will focus on aliens and outer space.

"I don't know if these might be hints, but I just got bombarded with all these hints at once. The show takes place in Jupiter, Florida... Dot has a line in the very beginning where she says '...like the inescapable of gravity...' [and] Jessica Lange's character is named Elsa Mars, and she sang 'Life on Mars,'" the blog wrote.

Others on Twitter also picked up on the space-themed clues, but unfortunately fans are going to have to keep guessing.  

What do you think Season 5 of "American Horror Story" will be about?