Let your ink flag fly, Starbucks!

Last month, HNGN reported that a Starbucks employee fought the power via online petition. The people have spoken and there is tattoo freedom for all... well, kind of.

The "grande" coffee company announced its new dress code policy in a letter to employees yesterday, according to Huffington Post. The biggest change: tattoos are permitted (with the exception of face or throat skin art). The new guidelines will take effect on Oct. 20.

An unnamed Starbucks representative told Huffington Post that the changes were, yes, due to employee feedback. Starbucks CEO Troy Alstead announced the new dress code on the Seattle-based company's website as part of a "New Partner (Employee) Experience" and said he received over "3,000 thoughtful comments and ideas."

According to Huffington Post, Kristie Williams is the Starbucks employee who started the petition on coworker.org a month ago. To-date, the petition was signed by 25,485 people and declared a success on the campaign's website.