Hunter Biden's ex-wife wants to issue a bombshell memoir before the November midterm elections, outlining how his drug usage and an affair with his dead brother's widow contributed to the breakup of their 24-year marriage.

Kathleen Buhle's memoir 'If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing' is a "page-turning and sad" account of the breakdown of her marriage to President Biden's second son, and it threatens to disgrace the first family, according to its publisher.

According to The Times, Buhle's book promises to disclose the toll her husband's well-publicized difficulties with drug and alcohol addiction have had on their marriage. Buhle, 53, alleges her husband spent their money on cocaine and alcohol, as well as strippers and prostitutes, before having an affair with his sister-in-law.

Topics we will wait for Kathleen Buhle's memoir

Per MEAWW, Hunter Biden sought to contain the consequences from the laptop with his own memoir, named 'Beautiful Things,' in April 2021, but it received little attention or compassion. Since then, we've discovered more about Hunter, including the fact that a Chinese billionaire gave him an $800,000 diamond and that he assisted a Romanian tycoon in escaping jail. He's ridden out all of the storms so far, but Buhle's memoir might make things more difficult. When the book is out in June, keep an eye out for these four controversies:

1. Influence in the White House

Buhle looks to be in the best position to reveal just how much access Hunter had in the White House, with Hunter and Buhle's relationship falling apart near the conclusion of Joe Biden's Vice Presidency. According to leaks from the laptop, Biden used his position as Vice President to try to obtain high-ranking officials and international businesses to meet with him. Biden is also said to have hosted some of Hunter's connections, something both his father and son have denied.

2. Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden's secret divorce

Hunter and Buhle divorced in April 2017, but the specifics of their settlement were never made public. Buhle wanted $20,000 in alimony and child support every month although it was never established whether the court agreed. Buhle will also be entitled to a percentage of Hunter's retirement benefits although the exact amount is unknown. There are many unanswered concerns about the divorce, especially after the two began making public charges, which we may now receive answers to.

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3. Hunter Biden's affair with brother's widow

Although Hunter Biden addressed the affair in his memoir, we may see new information from Buhle. We know she discovered Hunter and Hallie's romance via an iPad, and that was the final straw for her. In a July 2016 email, she said, "I'm leaving you because you're having an affair and you've been emotionally abusive." Buhle could now go into further detail about how she found the affair and what she meant when she said "emotionally abusive."

4. Addiction, love for prostitutes of the President's son

We know Hunter was addicted to crack cocaine because of his memoir and leaks from his laptop, but the true degree of his addiction has long been a mystery. Buhle allegedly "worked for years to help him break his addiction" but was unsuccessful. Hunter also admitted that he was so hooked to booze that he drove a quart of Vodka every day. It's unclear if crack cocaine was Hunter's lone drug of choice at this time, which Buhle is expected to clarify.

Hunter brushed over his love for prostitutes in his memoir, but it was a significant aspect of his divorce struggle. Hunter said he had no recall of a night with former stripper Lunden Roberts, who won a child support lawsuit when she disclosed she was pregnant with his kid in 2017. The controversy is one of many low periods in his life, but if Buhle knew more, we could learn about others.

Twitter's oppression on Hunter Biden's laptop story

Meanwhile, Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., called Twitter's suppression of a New York Post bombshell critical of President Biden's son Hunter in 2020 a "mistake." Khanna made the comments during an American Optimist podcast discussion with Joe Lonsdale about his new book, 'Dignity in a Digital Age: Making Tech Work for All of Us.'

Emails reportedly sent from Hunter Biden's laptop were included in the Post story. Twitter went to great lengths to prevent readers from viewing the content via a Twitter link. Although there was no indication that the emails published by the Post were stolen, the business first claimed the item broke its policy of releasing hacked data. After the tech giant received criticism, it was finally made available on Twitter, as per Fox News.

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