A three-year-old boy was accosted by a creepy lown who had a video segment on YouTube that encouraged the child to do gruesome acts.

Stephanie Zikmann, the child's mother, reported the sick video after Joey saw it while watching on the platform. She told other parents that her boy watched a video on counting dinosaurs on Youtube when her son was accosted by the awful message.

Creep clown appears in Youtube videos for children

Zikmann told other parents to be careful what their children would watch on YouTube, or their young ones could see the hideous clown pop out anywhere in the video, reported the Daily Star.

Reportedly the clown told Joey that he should slay his family, which his mother caught the sickening segment in time. Images that were subliminal with children caught in acts that were too horrible and violent when the inspired creep clown was in the footage. Joey watched the 'Counting for Kids' video, which unexpectedly snuck in the dark message, cited Inforsurhoy.

The mother lives in Glasgow with her son, related that what she saw had horrified her. She could not believe how invasive the creepy clown was, and it appeared on the platform more so. Children's exposure to such violence made her fret.

A song was included, and the message was 'kill them all' with Creepy Clown, following images of carnage that took the lives of children. No one in his right mind would call it sane, who authored the grisly and deranged images snuck in the video.

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Parents warn about hideous content

It was more than the video that shook Joey's mother to the core, and she saw him staring at the images and not flinching from them. Zikmann thought if it was customary to see such terrible things.

She has asked the video platform to own how such hideously content escaped their censor; that should not have been posted in the first place. It is the company's job to protect young and impressionable viewers.

The platform should double its efforts to sweep out similar content to ensure safe surfing for children to avoid the same horrendous incident, noted UK Time News.

Stephanie added that if the platform saw another incident, it meant it did not do enough.

Other incidents regarding Youtube videos for children

On Facebook, a dog groomer posted something similar to the Glasgow mom on the social media site. Many comments of the same encounter with the creeped-out circus reject that their kids also saw.

An account went that while watching a video about the largest animals the night before. Next, she was shocked that something appeared and said it would be under the bed, and she recalls her son was terrified.One parent got mad that such horrendous content is allowed, but vaccines are prohibited.Another wrote that it's shock and horror.

A particular comment said they could allow such behavior to make the next generation unbothered by such deranged norms. One post stated that the Pennywise lookalike bothers the user.

The platform should block the creepy clown seen by Joey on YouTube with the vile images, but everyone hates clowns.

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