F-22 Raptors are considered to be the best plane, but its days are numbered as a new hypersonic infrared missile will keep it at bay.

Stealth is good, but as long as it gets close to its target but it's become moot with a projectile that could kill it in seconds after launch. It forms another layer of the missile shield that the PLA is developing and proving a hard nut to crack even in theory.

New weapons affecting the old battlefield

After several tests performed last year, the Chinese have made a remarkable claim about their superfast missile development. R ushed with unprecedented speed towards obtaining and developing hypersonic weapons in a modern-day arms race, reported the EurAsian Times.

They have told the world of advances in next-generation hypersonic armament, an infrared heat seeker that tracks jet exhaust and homes in on it; at Mach 3+. The US is still lagging until 2025, cited the South China Morning Post.

According to the scientist, the advanced heat seeker will keep the missiles on target and maintain accuracy and speed. Perfect for hitting the F-35 or F-22 and any vehicle with astonishing speed. Many claims by Chinese military experts have made the US defense establishment worry about how serious they are.

F-22 Raptor at brink of dominance

Expert says the ground-to-air hypersonic infrared missile would take many of the F-22 Raptors once unloading its ordnance. A kill assured with no escape since it can only affect radar.

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Based on the US Air Force, Heat-seeking missiles killed about 90% of all warplanes downed in the 1980s, and stealth fighters could be targets because the composition of the material warms up easily while in flight. The plane's stealth has doomed it inadvertently.

The F-22 Raptor is a lethal American fighter who is also a key unit of the Global Strike Task Force. It is in charge of mobilizing combat-ready forces for nuclear deterrence and worldwide strike missions.

America depends on its stealth fighters as advanced units to destroy the missile defense of China especially. It would be a severe blow to the US forces that the superfast heat seekers lock out their stealth jets. If these heat seekers negate stealth, the Chinese levels more than the theatre of war make the plight of the US forces worse.

Previously the US military adopted an approach of keeping its assets spread out and harassing the PLA if needed with their F-22 or F-35 fighters. This means the Pentagon will have more work on its hands.

Locking onto heat where the superfast missile sensor can find it a low flying level; this lower altitude generates more friction and heat on the stealth jets skin. The next-generation Chinese heat seeker will home in and kill the American plane.

At the Zhuhai airshow, a game-changing radar that will detect stealth aircraft is called YLC-8E. The system is very versatile and would give the US headaches to no end, limiting stealth. The days of the F-22 Raptor are numbered if the Chinese hypersonic infrared missile is in full production, limiting the use of the US forces prized asset will be debilitating to its force projection.

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