The holiday season is a perfect time to bond with your family and friends, but it is also a great opportunity to deepen your intimacy with your significant other, and date night is one of the simplest, but effective ways of making a romantic get-together.

But for a lot of couples, there may be a struggle to find the right film to watch or even the right genre to look into. Some may even spend their entire night just scrolling through movies and never finding one that they both like or want to watch. But this list of date-night films will help you get through that difficult first step and get you on your way to spending a romantic night with your partner.

1. Up (2009)

While some may think that animated movies have a hard time portraying realistic love and romance, Up does the job easily and quickly. In just the first few minutes of the intro, this movie has fans tearing up over the main couple's love journey from their younger years until their golden age. It also focuses on the life of the male lead and what he does with his life after he loses the love of his life.

2. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

This movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger and shows the tragedy of denying and hiding who you really are inside. The two men spend a night with each other but go on to marry someone else. However, they keep their tortured and sporadic love affair for nearly two decades.

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3. Hitch (2005)

Hitch is a rom-com movie that stars Will Smith who plays a smooth operator who can attract nearly every girl he sets his eyes on. However, when he meets his counterpart, played by Eva Mendes, things take an unexpected turn and Smith becomes the one who questions himself and his knowledge of what girls actually want in a man.

4. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

This classic movie features two college graduates who argue about whether or not men and women can truly be strictly platonic in their friendship and years later reunite only to attempt if sex will actually be a deciding factor on if they can stay friends or not.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall has that classic feeling of being dumped for someone else and trying to look for a new partner to mend the wounds of a broken heart. This rom-com touches base when the girl that the lead gets help from starts to actually fall in love with him, ensuing a comedic roller coaster of emotions.

6. The Princess Bride (1987)

Despite being the oldest film on this list, The Princess Bride is the beautiful story of a young woman and her one true love. The male lead must find the princess after the two have been separated and save her, battling evils of the mythical kingdom of Florin to once again be reunited with his one true love. This film was inspired by the novel "The Princess Bride" written by William Goldman.

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