The British royal family is best known for upholding their decades-long traditions, and Christmas is no exception.

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth and her loved ones will gather at Sandringham Castle this year to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The royal family's Christmas celebration will be different this year

However, this month's celebration will be very different due to one key reason: Prince Philip is no longer around.

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away earlier this year, and he reportedly played a key role during the royal family's Christmas gatherings.

According to Mirror UK, Prince Philip was in charge of overseeing the presents. He was also the one that was tasked to inform his relatives when it was time to open their gifts.

Without Prince Philip, it's highly likely for the queen to pass on this role to one of his children. Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, or Prince Edward could take over their late father's role.

Royal family won't celebrate Christmas in Sandringham

Other than this, the royal family's other Christmas traditions will usually continue starting with a trip to Sandringham on Dec. 24, but not this year.

The royals gather to have a lavish feast to commemorate the special occasion on Christmas Eve. They also exchange Christmas gifts on this day.

The royal family already has everything that they need in life. So, they do not spoil each other with expensive gifts. Instead, they give each other cheeky presents that usually make them laugh.

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Royal family exchange cheeky gifts

There was a time when Prince Harry gave the queen a shower cap with a curse word on it. According to Express, the hilarious present can still be found at the queen's home in Balmoral.

Meghan Markle previously gave the queen a singing toy hamster for Christmas. And reports revealed that the queen's dog had a blast mauling the toy.

Queen Elizabeth will celebrate Christmas at Windsor Castle

On Dec. 25, the royal family attends church services - one is held in private, while the other takes place in public. However, it's unlikely for the royal family to make a public appearance on Christmas Day due to the rising cases of Omicron in the country.

According to NBC News, the royal family won't also head to Sandringham this year to celebrate Christmas due to COVID-19 concerns. Instead, the queen will stay at Windsor Castle, where her relatives are expected to visit her.

The queen is also expected to air her Christmas address, where she usually boosts the public's morale, especially during such a difficult time.

Royal fans are convinced that the queen will give a special shoutout to Prince Philip since this is her first Christmas without her husband.

On Christmas Day, the royal family reportedly gathers together to play a game of charades. They enjoy a Christmas lunch as a family, according to Town & Country.

Prince Harry and Markle won't celebrate Christmas with the royal family this year because they will be in the United States. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will give the royal family their gifts before the special day.

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