Rising tension with the west has nudged the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin to increase its advance hypersonic missiles stockpile as its ace in the hole.

Moscow is accused by NATO and the US of pushing its narrative to start a conflict in Ukraine. But, the Kremlin assures that is not the case and it does not want conflict, even repeatedly accused the US and UK of flagrant provocation.

Russia increases production of its superweapon

Since testing the superfast Mach+ missiles on several occasions, its development has shaken NATO and the US. Worse, it is almost unlockable.

Moscow said it travels at 6670-miles per hour or Mach 5+, with either typical or nuke warhead making it lethal. Called the Zircon or Tsirkon, which according to sources, mentions its mass production at the NPO Mashinostroyenia (OKB-52). More trials of the weapon will go on, reported the Express UK.

More flight development tests of the hyper-fast armament via submarine launch, after two successful tests followed Yasen-M subs in 2024. The weapon is designed to attack land or sea targets with its immense Mach + velocity, giving its target less time to react.

President Putin remarked the Zircon hyper-fast missile could hit Mach 9 and a beyond the horizon range of 620 miles, cited the Business Insider.

These powerful missiles will be armed on submarines and warships that will give an edge to the Russian navy. Lethal missile systems will increase the capabilities of warships which will make the allies think twice; they have no defense. The tension with the west and advanced hypersonic missiles to tell the west to back off.

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Russia contends with American supremacy

For the US, whose early warning systems are wholly inadequate for defense, the incredible velocity the weapon travels is nigh unstoppable, noted Military.

Hyper-fast missiles are the newest missile-like the3M22 that zooms so fast and low when on terminal velocity. Current anti-missile defense is not cut out to stop such an offense; once it's launched, it takes a few minutes to reach its target.

Based on the tech specification of the system, Mach 5+ causes the air in front of the nose to develop a plasma cloud caused by the friction from flight. It acts as a radio wave absorber and keeps invisible to specific radar bands.

For the record, the Aegis Radar system on the Arleigh-Burke missiles destroyers will need 8-10 seconds to register an incoming. Practically make the US and NATO ships a sitting duck. In the last 8 to 10 seconds, the Tsirkon or Zircon super-fast missile is about 14 miles to target, and no missile interceptor defense can hit it in time.

One technical source mentioned that if any US ship does catch one at 100 miles and closes in one minute, it will be struck; there is no defense.

Western analysts say that a collab between the Kremlin and Beijing will shatter the western powers, especially their dependence on the United States that might face a rout this time.

Russia and China have overtaken the allies in having advanced hypersonic missiles. Its rising tension with the west to deal with US leadership, technology, and aircraft carriers is significant.

A month ago, Yury Borisov, Russia's deputy premier, said that Russia leads the west and will be on top. This scares Washington more than anything as it is a johnny come lately to the hypersonic game.

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