Queen Elizabeth, the beloved British monarch, has been ailing and was sent to hospital earlier this week. The monarch, who is frequently insulted and assumed to be immortal, has been ill, and worries about her ability to perform her various royal responsibilities have been raised several times.

According to sources, Prince Charles is being pressed to gradually take over more of Queen Elizabeth's responsibilities in order for her to relax. The queen, who had not visited a hospital in over eight years, was suffering from a sprained back and needed to be sent to a hospital.

Queen Elizabeth's recent health scare

The queen was unable to attend Remembrance Sunday because of her injury. Recent images of the queen also show purple-tinged hands and a pale, tired countenance.

While there is no official explanation or justification for the queen's purple hands in the photographs, there are multiple theories circulating regarding various ailments or reasons that may be causing her pain. Prince Charles has been questioned about her health on several occasions, and he has always provided reassuring responses, as per MASALA.

Queen Elizabeth II is recovering well after a recent health scare. The 95-year-old said she was feeling "much better" and was "looking forward" to her Sandringham estate's traditional Christmas celebration.

On or around December 17, the world's oldest reigning monarch is set to pay a visit to her country home in Norfolk, England. According to royal sources, the Queen would most likely go by helicopter though she might also travel by train.

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Royals fans remain concerned about Queen Elizabeth's health

Per PINKVILLA via MSN, concerns over the monarch's health have recently intensified after she canceled a series of events, including skipping Remembrance Sunday for the first time in 22 years owing to a back problem. Buckingham Palace said she made the decision not to attend the London Cenotaph service "with deep sadness" and was "disappointed" to miss the event.

Queen Elizabeth's latest health problems have sparked debate over the monarch's future. Despite palace officials confirming that the 95-year-old is in good health, royal fans remain certain that they are lying. Because her health appears to be worsening, some have speculated that the queen may retire or quit. Worse, some believe the queen is nearing the end of her life.

In its December 6 edition, the National Enquirer said that even Queen Elizabeth is aware that her days are numbered. As a result, she intends to go all out for next month's Christmas celebrations at Sandringham. After all, she is well aware that this may be her final act.

The queen has no intentions to retire or abdicate, according to an unnamed source. In fact, she wants to make certain that all of the royal family's ongoing problems are resolved before she passes away. Although it is evident that the monarch cannot anticipate when she would die, the unidentified insider emphasized that she had a plan.

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