According to a former aide, Princess Diana was the first to stray before Prince Charles began an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

For decades, royal gossip has speculated that Prince Charles' first love was never the Princess of Wales, who was forced to suffer in silence for much of the time during his marriage to Princess Diana.

Princess Diana allegedly had an affair to a bodyguard

It's a version that was popularized by the Netflix series 'The Crown,' in which he was shown leaving to see Camilla while Princess Diana cried at home. However, a former protection officer has questioned this account, claiming that Princess Diana had other love interests before marrying.

According to Allan Peters, Princes Charles rekindled his connection with Camilla after learning that Princess Diana was having an affair with another security guard, the late Barry Mannakee.

Sergeant Allan Peters, the princess's former police bodyguard, has given a startling interview in which he claims Prince Charles returned to Camilla's bed only after he discovered Princess Diana had been having an affair with a fellow protection officer, Barry Mannakee, as the Mail's diarist Richard Eden revealed.

Peters claims that he was the one who told the prince about his wife's affair. Claims concerning the princess and Mannakee, a burly father-of-two who died in a motorcycle accident in 1987, are not new; but they have taken on a new dimension because to the Peters dimension.

However, it seems like an inappropriate time to bring this up again, given the public's interest in the Queen's health and the continuous simmering tensions between Prince Harry and the Royal Family, Daily Mail reported.

With Prince Charles drawing progressively closer to the throne, it's no surprise that many are believing that Sgt Peters' action may have been subtly encouraged. Others have speculated that Peters' recollections may contain a hint of jealousy.

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Similar allegations about Princess Diana, Prince Charles' doomed marriage

Since the two split ways in 1989, the ex-policeman has seldom spoken publicly about Princess Diana; but judging by the interview he gave to CNN, the American news network, he has a lot on his mind.

Princess Diana's relationship with Mannakee is thought to have begun on a fishing trip to Balmoral in Scotland in 1985. Peters' account of events matched statements made by Jonathan Dimbleby in his authoritative biography of Charles, released in 1994, as per

Peters told CNN that when Prince Charles asked him why Princess Diana was acting differently, he told him that he needed to speak with her about it. "Well, I've tried everything, and the only thing that appears to be troubling her is that Barry Mannakee is going back to uniform," he alleges Prince Charles informed him.

In his biography Prince Charles, released in 1994, royal author Jonathan Dimbleby presented a similar narrative. After meeting in their 20s, Jonathan said that Prince Charles and Camilla renewed their love in 1986.

Princess Diana's protection officer Barry began working for her in 1985, and their affair is supposed to have begun on a fishing trip at Balmoral that year. He was transferred from the palace to the Diplomatic Protection Squad in 1986, and he died in a road accident a year later, at the age of 39.

Per The Sun, he was riding a motorcycle in East London when he was struck by a 17-year-old motorist. Princess Diana subsequently claimed that he had been "bumped off." Princess Diana and Prince Charles famously split up in 1992 and divorced in 1996 after marrying on July 29, 1981. Following Prince Harry's birth in September 1984, the couple began a new chapter in their lives.

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