An Indianapolis teacher who went viral for revealing how his district was teaching Critical Race Theory has been banned from using his school email and from entering any of the district's buildings.

Tony Kinnett, a science coach and administrator, disclosed that his access to his school email and Google Drive had been stopped in a Twitter thread. He explained that he has been "forced to work from home for the previous two weeks due to workers supposedly having clinical anxiety about working with [him]."

Indiana teacher put on leave after going viral

The school administrator further claimed that at HR meetings, he was told that "it was irrelevant since the information I shared was public and maintained on public servers" and that he has been "barred from entering to any IPS school facility or hosting any professional activities."

Kinnett, an award-winning teacher, told Fox News that his key card for entering school facilities had been revoked and that the district had received many letters and texts from people "who have refused to work with me."

He plans to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see if the district had any complaints against him. The Indianapolis School District is "terrified" that he may "take out my phone and record their classrooms," he added.

He alleges in the video, which has been seen over 500,000 times, that school administrators use "misdirection" to confuse worried parents. Kinnett informed The NY Post on Thursday that he had been on paid leave since posting the video on November 4.

He said that HR has informed him twice since then that if he continued to behave as a "whistleblower," he would have to "part ways" with the district, and that employees have "clinical anxiety" working with him as a result of his criticism.

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Award-winning teacher revealed CRT teachings

Kinnett has continued to attack the school system on Twitter and reveal "inside look" information since the viral exposé because he says the district isn't being "transparent."

He claims that all of the material he has made public came from a public server, and he has denied disclosing any private information. Kinnett said he'd retrieved "racist papers and video" from the site before his access was revoked, and that he planned to disseminate them at some time.

The district should come honest about whether they support staff "racist gaslighting," he told The New York Post. Indianapolis Public Schools did not immediately reply to The Post's request for comment.

Kinnett revealed how he had personally observed CRT being taught in schools - even though the district had promised parents it wasn't - in his viral video, which has been shared over 6,400 times and liked 13,000 times.

Per Daily Mail, Kinnett said that during his meetings with HR, authorities, and administrators, he was told that any unfavorable feedback he receives from the school is his responsibility, and that he was "oblivious" to this reality.

He said that the manner his bosses encouraged his employees to handle him made him feel like a "leper or a security threat." Kinnett claimed he hasn't been fired yet, but has been told that he will be if he continues to post.

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