A North Korean condemned to perish by firing squad after an illegal copy of the Squid Game, which is not allowed, was found on him. Citizens should avoid any of the prohibitions announced by Kim Jong Un, or there will be a penalty.

Somehow the student still brought back a USB drive from China and kept that from the authorities. But he sold the digital copy to other people, and some were students. But, his activities were discovered by the North Korea surveillance bureau.

Punishment for watching 'Squid Game' 

After NoKor authorities discover his actions, the firing squad will execute the offending student. Ironically it is one of the ways characters on the show are eliminated cruelly, reported the Daily Mail.

Last week, sources say that the arrests for illegal possession of western media happened in the North Hamgyong province, which is close to the borders close to the Peoples Republic China.

Reports from Radio Free Asia had details about the incident that showed how brutal life in North Korea is, just like in the show.

One student who purchases a digital copy from the USB will be jail for life, and six who had seen the hit Netflix are going to tough it out with five years of hard labor just because it's forbidden to watch.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has disallowed programs and media from South Korea or the west and considers it a crime. Due to this incident, North Korean officials will be conducting searches in schools to ferret out illegal material, noted Metro UK.

A few teachers had been fired or banished with the punishment of working in remote mines for what happens at school, and worse is perish by firing squad.

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North Korean students penalized

An unknown source in law enforcement mentioned it started a week back when one of the students bought a USB that contained banned 'Squid Game,' and watched it with a friend from his class. The unnamed source mentioned that they two spoke with friends who want to get a copy of the series from its owner.

It presents a twisted dystopia where those who could not pay their debts had to compete against each other in starkly simple children's games that came with an awful and sickening twist. If the players fail the task, then they will be get killed for losing the games. It is this kind of imagery that connects to Koreans in the north living under Kim Jong Un.

They were seen in the 109 Sangmu sensors, which is the surveillance arm of Pyongyang, had gotten an anonymous report that some students were not following rules; they were seeing western TV that is taboo.

A recently passed law called the 'Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture' is in force. The government used the law to arrest and punish the students accordingly. This is the first case to be dispensed that has minors as the violators.

There are penalties for getting caught in violation of the law, including the death penalty for watching, owning, and disseminating media outside of North Korea, which is true for US and South Korean shows.

Many have been affected by this new law used for the first time, as the North Korean doomed to perish by firing squad becomes the first example.

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