The Russian fleet in the Black Sea, with its air support, had conducted drills in the area as tensions in Crimea and the Ukraine border. But the Kremlin assured it was not for any particular reason other than that.

Involved were ten ships of the Russian Navy and aircraft that coordinated practice in the Crimean coast.

President Vladimir Putin is accused of preparing for war due to the massive build-up of troops and armor on the Ukraine-Russian border.

Kyiv says an attack is imminent

The US and its Allies are keen on their belief that the Kremlin intends to deal with its neighbor; once and for all, that is not true, reported the Express UK.

Moscow's powerful Naval force is based in Crimean waters, that annexed by force in 2014. Kyiv says that it should be returned, but Putin disagrees.

Tension has been increasing in that particular region in Europe, as the US has shared intel with its allies in that region. Paying specific attention to the Border shared with Ukraine, implying that the Kremlin might be sending its 100,000-troop strong army to the other side, citing the Foreign Policy

Putin has criticized Joe Biden and his cohorts for painting Russia as the bad guy, making him lose his patience.

Last Friday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the group is keeping tabs on the Kremlin. He repeats what the US said was an unusual massing of troops and armored units.

The secretary-general asked that the Kremlin be more transparent about why the forces are there? Another is to release whatever pressure is there. If the Russian Fleet in the Black Sea did move on NATO, that would be catastrophic for starters.

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Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said that the US is being too provocative and the rhetoric by Washington does not lessen the tension, noted Euractiv. He called the Americans's pushing their allies with hysterics about a possible invasion.

The US is using NATO against Putin

Mr. Peskov spoke in harsh tones that Moscow is planning to overrun the Ukrainians in an all-out blitzkrieg in its backyard. Are the Americans not from Europe; why are they bringing their arm forces across the Atlantic? Who's telling the truth, which he stated.

He remarked that it is the United States of America that he implied has its agenda to follow.

Last week, Vladimir Putin talked about NATO not listening to Moscow and what should not be crossed. These red lines are not to be struck at the alliance's peril.

He sternly told the Foreign Ministry's enlarged board meeting that the allies are seriously going too far. One is flying nuclear-capable bombers close to a state border is not advisable. Mentioning Ukraine but indirectly only in his speech.

Mr. Putin added the concerns over the activities undertaken and the red lines not to cross. Saying the mindset of the US and NATO are peculiar, they are not conscious of how their action will impact the future. Based on the Kremlin leader's words, Washington is extraordinarily reckless, jeopardizing their allies.

The Russian Fleet in the Black Sea and its air component send a message to NATO and the US that they will not hold back.

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