\An expert says Joe Biden's policies are reminiscent of Trump's despite claims that it's not the case. He also intervenes in the EU that has caused dissension. Despite saying that the US is scaling back, that isn't the case.

Professor Singh from Birkbeck, University of London, said that US interest is pre-eminent over other concerns.

From the early 2000s, the American intercession has led to what is now. One example is Iraq searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction that partly led to the refugee crisis in the Belarus/Poland border.

Washington could be moving to isolationism or

Professor Singh mentions the US lessening interference in other nations' affairs has been pared down to trade and military concessions, reported the Express UK.

His specialties include US politics and foreign policy that is important. Some of the factors like Iraq and Afghanistan where Joe Biden caused the reputation of the US to be tarnished.

 Due to these massive losses, Americans are not as gung-ho to charge like before. Avoidance of such debilitating mistakes is the emphasis, cites Eagles Vine.

Furthermore, an expert says Joe Biden's policies that impact pro-global agendas, not sticking to made in America, sending investments to China, and free trade deals, North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were all disadvantageous to everyday jobs.

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The two, military and trade, have impacted the chiefs of foreign policy, like how Obama and Trump did something about it. But Biden is a bit late in the game as his policy of appeasement has not worked.

It seems to notice the expert, pulling back and having a better way to address US interests better.

American is becoming more hegemonic

For all intent, Biden is not pulling back and pushing his interests that might not apply to the concern of the EU or the Allies in Asia. He wants to show the world that China could be brought to heel, but that's not the case.

Singh added that Washington and foreign policy is geared to its interests and more focused than ever like the America First movement; it gives the everyday joe in the US more importance.

Contrasting the Biden administration to ex-President Trump that is akin for the middle class of America. This is another way of saying the US leader is doing what America First which his predecessor used first. For ex-President Trump, this would be vindication that his policies work in pushing the interests of the USA.

AUKUS and the Article 16

Professor Singh state that the US leader stuck his fingers in the cookie jar once too often recently, and the middle is a big mess due to the former US administration. But the Abraham Protocol negotiated by Trump should have sought peace. Biden chose to ignore this peace deal.

Next, the AUKUS defense deal that included the UK, Australia, and the US rubbed Paris raw because Canberra dropped their diesel subs deal. France was furious about how the deal went down, noted Defense News.

After the UK was never given a free trade deal, Washington warned London not to activate Article 16. The US sided with Brussels on the issue. An expert says Joe Biden's policies are part of a grander scheme to stay on top; most US interventions have gone south but still insist.

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