Putin says UK complicity in the destruction of Iraq has indirectly led to the Belarus-Poland skirmishes in their shared border. He does take it personally how Downing St. is placing all the blame on Moscow and Minsk.

Belarus Leader Alexander Lukashenko said that he'd overload the borders, but Russian President Vladimir Putin supports him despite the sanctions against him.

It gets more complicated as London buddy ups with Ukraine by selling arms and tells the Kyiv-based government that they will get NATO support.

EU borders get jammed

An indirect casualty of the border skirmish is the humanitarian casualties piling up. Still, the Kremlin hit Downing Street as the main hand that created the crisis, reported the Express UK.

Lukashenko is charged as the mastermind who is weaponizing the migrants that get trapped in the no man's land. The EU doubled down on the alleged scheme of the Kremlin and Minsk; to hit them where it hurts. The lax border laws will eat the EU nations.

Flashpoint will be the Poland-Belarus that might cause more trouble than a migrant crisis. But the backdrop which Mr. Putin is pointing out is how the UK is the guiltiest.

It all started when Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Putin should intervene because the migrant crisis is in Moscow.

Per the Telegraph, Truss remarked that Belarus had used the migrant surge to assault the borders with impunity, stressing a manufacturing crisis to highlight the EU.

This follows a chain reaction that led to other nations blaming the Kremlin as the puppet master pulling Belarusian strings. Putin says the UK's complicity in the destruction of Iraq is the same because the UK had its own puppet master.

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Russia is not holding back

An answer from Moscow's Foreign Minister spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, was issued as a stern reaction to the words of Ms. Truss.

Ms. Zakharova recalled that the United Kingdom took part in the Iraqi invasion was planned with the allies.

She added that London was at the center of the change in the Middle East, significantly how it helped the US invade Iraq. If it never happened, Iraq would be intact and its people not leaving as refugees for a new place, noted the Evening Standard.

Another big problem is the growth of terror groups, also the self-inflicted disaster of people suffering as immigrants at the EU's doorstep. To a point like what one said about the exploding border, Brussel's got shot in the foot as well.

Ms. Zakharova remarked London has some accounts to answer for, and its officers should not put the blame.

Despite the pressure for supporting Minsk, Putin spoke on national TV without an adversarial tone. Just stated, the Kremlin will help in any capacity.

Geopolitical expert Kervin Aucoin III remarked, not just the Russian leader who scoured Britain for creating all problems connecting to Iraq.

Mr. Aucoin stated that by allying with the US, the UK shares the blame as well. To remove Saddam Hussein and leave a vacuum that led to the fall of Baghdad.

He added that the cause of the migrant chaos is not a person or nation but how everything culminated into this event.

Wars in Iraq and Syria, then the intervening event that traces back to the involvement of Britain, implied the expert.

Putin says UK complicity in the destruction of Iraq where London had a role does not give it right to judge. Also, its action when it supported the military is wrong that should be addressed, not hidden when they joined the US in search of weapons of mass destruction.

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