The movement of Russian armor and troops along the North Ukraine border has caused fears that war is not far behind. As President Vladimir Putin has said, all the units present at the border respond to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its related activity.

A situation exists wherein Ukraine is getting support from US and NATO, which the Kremlin sees as dangerous, leading it to protect its borders.

The tension caused by the annexation of Crimea, and now the EU is blaming a weaponized energy crisis, has not helped in strains.

Putin getting tired of US, NATO mischief

Massed war machinery deployed by the Kremlin to the border shared with Ukraine, with satellite images of these units has placed the EU on edge, reported the Express UK.

Last Monday, a set of photos taken indicates that the Russian Federation is building up its military forces on the said border in mass deployment of military assets this spring.

Via the use of Maxar Technologies, which shows the number of armored units and artillery equipment, and ground troops close to Yelnya. It is a Russian town just near the Belarus border, cited the Daily Mail.

In late September, the units were ordered to deploy to locations in Russia from their bases that included the elite 1st Guards Tank Army.

According to an analysis by a source, the 4th Tank Division units have been sent to the Bryansk and Kursk regions, which are located near the northern border with Ukraine, noted the Politico.

This division has the T-80U main battle tanks, with self-propelled artillery deployed as well, movement of Russian armor and troops near the North Ukraine border signals NATO to watch it.

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Ukraine's intent to joint NATO

Moscow is not keen on Ukraine becoming a member of NATO and has made it clear to NATO its objects. The Kremlin leader made it clear that NATO would dare expand its armies and make the country a member. It would be a dare to him not to cross red lines, and the Russian leader is known for his decisiveness.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, the red lines of the Kremlin are not acknowledged as it's not on its border. He stressed that it is Ukraine's business, not Russia's, and what is best for Europe's security.

But the Deputy Foreign Minister, Andrei Rudenko, called making Kyiv a member is dangerous. Think about it and the consequences that follow. The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is keen on joining NATO.

A recent visit by Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary, went to Kiev and asked the Ukraine government about joining the group.

Nothing was said of membership confirmation, but he stressed that the country should decide its future foreign policy. He added the US would bolster its ability to defend itself.

The Pentagon was weighing in on the movement of Russian armor and troops and stated that activity on the North Ukraine border is not the usual, according to Lt. Col. Anton Semelroth, a Pentagon spokesperson.

There is an indication the Biden administration is moving allies and would-be partners to counter Russia and even China. Moscow is not a pushover, so that Washington would use countries like Ukraine to the front in such tense border situations.

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