The Kremlin denies any invasion plans for Kyiv, as the UK scratched out a defense deal with Ukraine. But Vladimir Putin reminded that his army could overrun the smaller force, but that is not what he wants, it is the allies who paint him that way.

The Russian leader said that Downing Street made the border more unstable by sticking his nose where it should not be. But Putin stressed it just takes 50 minutes to emphasize how much time it takes to eliminate Ukraine's arms and numbers.

Kremlin denies invasion plans

The UK has been against the annexation of Crimea that Ukraine wants back, with the current tension and London backing up Kyiv. It resulted in a verbal lashing from the Kremlin was not invading instead maintained its NATO who are the villains and the UK too, reported the Sun UK.

Media from Russia went on the offensive and reported the naval fleet and troops in Crimea are more than enough to overrun the Ukrainian force. They gave a timing of 50 to 600 minutes to win over their opponents in a conflict.

Brinkwire cited a highly ranked source to the outlet if Ukraine launches an attack against territories held by Russia. It will be the fearsome Black Sea Fleet's task to destroy all enemy ships and coastal support facilities.Included targets are bases, radio-electronic, aerial defenses, artillery units, and airstrips to restrict enemy movement.

Other defenses would be a no-access bubble, a crucial defense of Crimea; stationed are units for sea, air, artillery, and missile defenses to attack anything in range. But troops for airborne, armored, special, and marine units are on station at Novorossiysk. Kremlin denies any invasion plans for Kyiv as it wants to secure its borders.

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There is speculation that massed Russian hardware and troops on the border shared with Ukraine will start an all-out offensive, but that is not the case.

One expert opinion stressed that Putin will not order an attack but will act to defend itself contrary to the alarmist claims of the US and UK.

London forces Moscow's hand

The Kremlin has been called the bad guy, but it's the opposite. In its belief Crimea has been acquired by force, London has postured its military to stabilize everything.

An agreement between UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace and Oleksii Reznikov, Kyiv's envoy, Moscow, was called vile and antagonistic. Selling warships and armament was called hostile, noted Telegraph and Argus.

Despite the claims of Britain that it did not mean any trouble or undermine the Russians, it got slammed for what it is.

Russia's spokesman Zakharov stated that it's the UK military raising the tension, especially on the Russian-Ukraine border. Saying Moscow is stoking trouble is the opposite. The defense deal between Kyiv and London is causing instability on the continent of Europe.

Furthermore, UK leaders are risking the peace enjoyed now. Ms. Zakharova warned that it is a mistake to force Moscow to an action they will regret.

Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister, explained that Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky is looking for provocations to get assistance from NATO.

Mr. Lavrov calls the Kyiv government that makes the Kremlin the bogeyman, which is not accurate. President Zelensky is trying to gather all western forces to defend Ukraine, which is a dangerous flashpoint.

It comes as Moscow revealed it would complete forming a new air assault grouping in Crimea by next month. But the Kremlin denies any invasion plans for Kyiv instead says it's the west doing all the provocations endangering peace.

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