The US Army recently mobilized in Germany as its response to Moscow and events in Europe. Russia has been improving its missile technology, which the US has to roll out yet.

Sending the unit to be based in Germany as the tense atmosphere in Eastern Europe is ramping up, with the EU and UK seemingly overmatch by Russian forces. After the Cold War, this kind of weaponry was developed by Russia and two other nations.

US Army deploys unit to counter the Kremlin

Called the 56th Artillery Command, whose base is in Mainz-Kastel, the Dark Eagle weapon is not tested or developed yet. US military sources say it can reach 4000 miles per hour at hypersonic speed, reports the Express UK.

The Kremlin is one of the leading military forces in technologies such as hypersonic weaponry when the US and NATO are now outmatched with longer-range artillery rockets. The Tsirkon hypersonic missile has been tested successfully from an SLBM launch recently, cites Reuters.

One source of tension is the massing of Russian forces deployed to the Ukrainian border, plus the border crisis between Belarus and Poland due to a migrant wave breaking into the EU border.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is not on good terms with the European Union, which has said the Kremlin and Minsk are intentionally causing the problem.

Washington is the hegemon of the world, but that is changing fast. Challenged by China and Russia that have become more potent, leaving Joe Biden to rely on allies to help stave off the slope of America. The US army depends on the nuclear-capable artillery unit as its response to Russia defending its border interests.

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Long-range missiles give US Army improved capabilities

After the end of the Cold War, symbolized by the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the End of the Iron Curtain, the world has changed so much. Nuclear weapons are under scrutiny, but it depends on how long the US will not consider that option.

In 1991 the unit got stood down when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was ended after the fall. Its main offensive system, the Pershing II ballistic missile, was disallowed when the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty got ratified, notes The Times.

In 2019, the Trump administration ended the INF after the Kremlin was accused of not following the treaty.

Information about the 56th Artillery Command unit has stated that aside from a yet to be fully developed Dark Eagle missile, a version of the US Naval Tomahawk cruise missile will be available to them.

According to General Stephen Maranian, the unit commander said the reactivation gives the US Army in Europe and Africa improved capabilities. Germany has the US command for Europe and Africa too.

The general remarked there are plans to send long-range missiles that target ground units, which concerns hypersonic weapons which Putin has stored.

The 56th unit has no Tsirkon or Kaliber hypersonic missiles, which Russia has. These launchers on trailers are ready in Washington state for Training.

China, Russia, North Korea achieved hypersonic missile technology, but the US is yet to field one of its own. While the US army needs to have one of its own ready for use in a nuclear-capable artillery unit.

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