At his grandmother's funeral in Los Angeles on Monday, Dr. Dre was supposedly issued with divorce papers.

Dre, 56, is claimed to have refused to take the documents in hand when a process server approached him on behalf of his estranged wife Nicole Young, causing the process server to let them fall to the ground.

Insiders from Dre and Young's camps told TMZ contradictory accounts about where the altercation occurred during the burial. According to sources close to Nicole Young, the process server approached Dre in the parking lot and dropped the paperwork on the ground when he refused to take them.

Dr. Dre's messy divorce even followed him at grandmother's funeral

Meanwhile, individuals close to Dre said that the entire incident occurred while he was approaching a coffin at a cemetery. Dre, whose actual name is Andre Young, was raised by his late grandmother after his parents divorced when he was a small child.

Dre was forced to pay an "extra $1.55 million" in attorney expenses to his divorced wife just a month before the funeral. In the couple's ongoing divorce lawsuit, a court recently issued a temporary order outlining how much Dre is expected to pay Young in spousal support and legal expenses.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge justified the increase in costs by citing the disparity of assets between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young, as well as the attorney's knowledge and experience in family law.

"Considering what is just and reasonable and using the Court's own experience and knowledge that the payee's reasonable fees are $3 million and expenses are $ 550,000.00," the judge stated of the fees' amount.

Based on the "disparity" that exists between the two parties' assets and income, Dr.Dre has been ordered to pay all of the lawyer's fees. Nicole's payments are only valid until July 2021, and she and her former spouse, who is now legally single, are being invited to meet and discuss the potential expenses of taking the matter to trial.

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Court's new ruling comes after Dr.Dre sued Nicole Young

There's also no room for flexibility on Dre's already-announced spousal support payment of $300,000 per month, which the judge reaffirmed in a previous court order.

Most of Dre's fees are being offset by living expenses and other expenditures for the couple's houses, security, and other bills, so he may not have to worry about the payout.

Nicole Young had requested $5 million to pay her attorneys and $2 million in monthly spousal support, but none of these requests were granted or agreed upon. Dre was ordered by the judge to give up another $500,000 to his ex spouse's lawyers, according to court records obtained by in April.

In July, it was decided that Dre would pay his ex-wife approximately $300,000 per month in spousal support for the foreseeable future, less than the $5 million she had requested. The court's new ruling comes only weeks after Dr. Dre sued Nicole, accusing her of "embezzling" cash from his recording studio.

He's suing her for allegedly stealing money from his Recording One studio in the Sherman Oaks district of Los Angeles. According to official documents, Recording One was founded in 2015 with the intention of operating as a recording studio.

Dr. Dre and his then-wife were in charge of the studio's maintenance and management, and Young was in charge of writing charges and moving money for the business, according to Recording One.

She allegedly "decimated" the studio's financial accounts by taking $353,571.85 during the early stages of her divorce from Dre, which she filed for in June 2020. She was removed from the studio's trust during the divorce process.

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