According to Paul Murray, Sky news host, the president should be called 'Sliding Biden', who panned the Democrat leaders' poll drop as catastrophic. Since Biden won the 2020 elections, has sat in the White House, it has been a downslide shown by the state of affairs.

Like another news channel in the US, Sky News has been critical of the White House, which has served less than satisfactory declared by the poll numbers.

But, despite this, which is counteracted by media forces that are allegedly partial to the Democrat president, even exercises damage control on the White House's behalf.

Democrat president's poll continues to drop

Murray has seen it fit to bring into attention that polls are failing to register a favorable response, but having a 10% crash in just five months is too much for anyone, reported the Express UK.

He added that the numbers show that the American people are not confident he can lead effectively. This decline in numbers falls with a good economy before Trump left, coronavirus has more deaths now and abandoning of equipment and people in Afghanistan with disarray.

Murray reflected that he's been calling Biden by the name 'Swampy Joe'! He adds the president has been in Washington a long time, since he was a senator and Obama's VP, now the President of the United States, cited Digital Patrox.

The Sky News host said the crashing polls around the President could have him nicknamed Sliding Biden if the trend continues.

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Recent poll reveals Biden's approval rating

Quinnipiac did a recent survey in the USA to check how good or bad the polls are. According to the data in May, it was an acceptable 49% for Biden, but June set in with a crash to a disappointing 38% in less than a year, noted USA Today.

The Afghan debacle tanked the Democrat's rating, which became worse by allegedly not telling the whole truth, but his decisions reportedly led to it.

For the COVID-19 handling, despite the vaccines left by the past administration, that should have been easy to do. But it got mishandled again, said sources. Close to the heart of America are inflation and the economy that came with a blueprint as well.

In the downturn of events, the handling of the pandemic and economy in less than a year has been an issue.

The results of the Quinnipiac poll showed that Republicans and independents found that the president's performance was below par. Even his own party is worried that he will affect them negatively.

For the way the pandemic was dealt with, half of the respondents were not happy. Even the economy has more than fifty percent who are very critical of the Democrats now. In one line, concerns like national security, pandemic, and the economy are all doing poorly, which is crucial to the US.

But some make up as much as 37 % of, who think that the Commander in Chief has some good things done. Biden has a lot to do to prove his ratings are just transient, not a permanent thing.

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