A GOP Louisiana senator and physician said that cognitive tests should be administered to federal officials as they age. This test checks any mental decline, especially if they are nearing their 80s that interferes with their duties.

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, a physician, thinks it is crucial to evaluate senior government leaders, including President Biden and others in the judiciary and executive branch, where essential decisions should be decided.

Many of these individuals should be at the top of their game and not have cognitive problems that hamper proper governance.

Cognitive tests should be administered to federal officials

Sen. Cassidy, 64, a Louisiana GOP had an interview with Axios on HBO, said no one in the federal government is the object of his criticism, reported the Daily Mail.

In his medical profession, a gastroenterologist says that it is pretty evident if senior officials downslides due to age. He states his recommendation is based on discipline as a medical doctor, not a politician.

He added that information from the past indicated that many senators had finished their terms as senile senators, noted the Epoch Times. And they come from the two parties as well.

The GOP senator remarked that if they are close or in their 80s, that should prompt mandatory cognition tests without fail. 

Some of the senior leaders in the US government

In the US government, many senior leaders like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, aged 81, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, 70, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 79. As pointed out by GOP Louisiana Senator Cassidy, a physician who thinks a cognitive test is needed at their age.

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President Joe Biden, 78, has been asked many questions by the press and conservatives if his mental fitness is enough to finish his term cited USA Today.

Cassidy added that having the cognitive test is practical to be applied to Supreme Court justices, Congress, and the executive branch to be subjected to a yearly cognition test on the dot.

The GOP senator said it is reasonable to require Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, and executive branch leaders to submit an annual cognitive evaluation. He mentioned that it is vital for Americans to know who they got as leaders in one interview.

Senior justices in the Supreme Court

In the highest court in the land, Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas, the oldest justice, entered his post way back in 1991 is now 73. But the most senior member is liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, aged 83.

Once appointed to America's highest court, justices could stay for any duration.

The liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at 87 years old as a court justice in September 2020. When President Donald Trump replaced her, it caused a furor with the Democrats' unobjective view of the replacement.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, at 49 years old, is the youngest justice appointed, who replaced Ginsburg is the third and final pick of Trump.

Biden has shown proof of his mental state in his speeches

Conservatives have not chosen to question President Joe Biden's mental state randomly. Interviews and video were pointed out as alleged proof. In the Geneva summit, he avoided a one-on-one with Putin, gave the reporter bare time, and is documented.

Trump, now 75, passed the cognitive test and referred to Biden many times in that respect.

Senator and Cassidy stressed why the cognitive test is essential to gauge the capability of leaving office if there is dementia.

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