US President Joe Biden demanded that AUKUS deal partners, Australia and UK, should take steps to repair the disastrous consequences it brought on. The submarine deal fronted by the US administration could be added to the foreign policy of the current US administration.

It should be noted the circumstance of the submarine deal kept Macron in the dark, and the EU saw it as unbecoming to treat an ally nation.

Washington has started the ball rolling and expects the others to follow suit. Many panned the deal in so many words, especially France.

Developments on the AUKUS deal

According to Annelise Nielsen of Sky News Australia, who gave her insight into the tension resulting from the four nations involved, UK, France, US, and Australia, reported Express UK.

She told the host Kieran Gilbert that the three members who joined the three-way submarine deal caused further divisiveness and anger. She highlighted the White House is keen on all members to make amends to Macron and France, cited Digichat.

Macron was furious at the three nations for not keeping transparency as befits allies. The deal has angered France so much, even if the US took the first steps, and Canberra is now asked to redress what was done wrongly. 

Nielsen chimed on the events happening, which is an interesting development. A recent report about the submarine deal reveals the US pushing the UK, Australia to start fixing the terse AUKUS deal situation with France. They should mend the submarine deal's fallout, and all these moves come from Washington.

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Even if the US leader has started moves to regain the former condition, this AUKUS has deeper problems to resolve.

How Australia dropped the submarine contract angered France

The US was not ready for the unexpected reaction from Paris, and it was the brusque manner of how Australia dropped the submarine contract. Those who were involved in the deal should have been more careful, noted Sky News.

It was not conventional for Canberra to tell the French that they would renege on the deal at the last minute, as allies do not go so low. Informing Paris could not have been done appropriately. Prime Minister Scott Morrison should have called France, but Australia sent a message to notify those concerned instead.

Ms. Nielsen states how the US, Australia, and the UK struck the deal between them, which angered Macron. It seems the discussion began a year ago with the three AUKUS partners.

The French government was kept in the dark intentionally until the last minute, thinking the diesel submarine deal was still on when it would be discarded by Australia sooner.

This female anchorwoman remarked that Paris should have been aware, and they should have expected issues. But France retorted they are twisting the facts of the case intentionally.

Ms. Nielsen said that good relations with other countries are crucial and their tensions. And how the US is telling Australia and the UK to reach out to France is pointing, especially towards the AUKUS deal. Another is that France pulled out consuls from the US and Australia, not Great Britain, which shows more complexity.

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