The marine officer, who posted a rant, will plead guilty to the charges leveraged against him by the Pentagon and military leadership, making plausible excuses for the Afghan debacle. The higher-ups in the chain of command will have the option to hide forever or face the consequence of wrong choices.

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller Jr. took to social media and posted his rant about how the president and his officials failed the nation by committing error upon error till the US was driven away by third-world insurgents.

Immediate, he was silenced and taken to the brig to stop him from saying anything more, as public opinion lambasted the White House.

Scheller is a true American patriot

The counsel of Stuart Scheller said that he would admit guilt for his comments and the charges against him, reported the Daily Mail.

Last August, he posted the rant after 13 US servicemen died in the line of duty at Kabul airport by a suicide bomber of ISIS-K. He said the higher-ups could have done better to protect Americans, and they should be held to account for it.

Scheller, in his uniform, spoke his sentiments fueled by anger and rage about how the incompetence of the leadership slew the troopers. He added it was time for patriots to rise and bring down the corruption in the system constitutionally in a thunderous voice, noted the Express Digest.

Later, he was arrested and stayed in solitary for a week, as he was supposed to be tried on Thursday at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Scheller, a marine officer to pleads guilty when the time comes as an example of taking accountability.

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Stuart Scheller will acknowledge the six violations of the military code for calling to attention the fate of the 13 slain service members. To many, it was not him who should be charged.

Marine officer willing to plead guilty

One of his attorneys, Tim Parlatore, spoke to The Hill that the marine would plead guilty to the charges. He explained his client asked for accountability from top leaders who will not get brave. So, Scheller will take the ultimate sacrifice and admit to fake charges and show them how to bear responsibility.

The lawyer said his client would not pull back from his decision, so a deal for an honorable discharge or a discharge with honorable conditions is preferred.

But Parlatore added that despite his client's resolve, it is a trumped-up charge to silence him. A reprimand is enough, but he does not deserve detention like a criminal. He is more innocent than those who caused the Afghan debacle. His client intentionally endangered his retirement and was fired from his post then jailed for nothing to make his point felt by superiors.

Scheller tended his resignation in a written form and even forfeited a $2million pension, but his withdrawal has not been accepted officially.

Last October 5, Scheller was released from confinement. His lawyers said an Initial Review Officer (IRO) hearing is set to check the marine officer pre-trial detention at 1:30 pm.

Unusually, the Marine Corps wants a closed trial and not even a recording of the court session too. However, the media wanted a delay in the hearing because of the odd condition so that the federal court would get involved.

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