One US Marine got sacked and is in hot water when he questioned the commander in chief for the attack that killed 13 marines in Kabul. The Lieutenant Colonel posted his reaction on social media. His rant highlight how mistakenly the Biden administration has placed America on the knife's edge.

In the video rant, which lasted five minutes, active-duty Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller scoured what he thought of the mediocre way that Joe Biden and officials of his administration have made the Afghan pull out the worst in US military history.

He cited the death toll of 183, including 170 Afghanis and 13 US service members caught in the blast. He highlighted a 20-year-old marine who died with a child due in September. They were all caught in a suicide bomber's wake last Thursday, which was caused by unsound decisions in his mind.

US Marine demanded accountability

One of the significant fails attributed to how terrible decisions is the failure to secure US equipment worth $85 billion in Taliban hands, remarked GOP members of Congress, reported the Express UK. 

Lt. Col. Scheller stated that the current administration is flawed in foreign policy as part of the reasons for the debacle. He added that questions wanted to answer by senior officials, not be avoided, cited Ajansev. This one US Marine got sacked because he wanted someone to accept the blame for the Afghanistan disaster.

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Scheller asked that all officials who compromised America be held accountable for the 183 deaths of Marines and Afghans. More casualties are three UK nationals who were caught in the suicide blast. Claiming that intel warned of it, but Biden and company ignore it. This makes their complicity in the events worse, noted CBS News.

The Lt. Col, who served proudly in Iraq and Afghanistan as a true American, felt betrayed by those who promised to protect US service members. He knew that politics in the military will criticize him and question his values to protect their interests, not America, risking reputation and family as true Americans would.

He added that people are raging on social media because it was not the Marine who let the US down.

More Americans want Biden and his officials to admit their failure instead of hiding behind semantics and excuses, as the media is taking potshots at the hobble US leader.

Scheller fought for the US for 17 years and said he does not care if everything is lost if they admit they failed.

Valuable US equipment falls to the Taliban

Due to the current administration's decisions, the marine colonel proved his accusation of how lousy everything turns out.It was losing the US-Bagram airbase that houses expensive equipment that the Jihadi's demanded be given up, which the US agreed and lost airpower that was crucial. The insurgents are rejoicing over how the US had not to hang onto this valuable asset; a motherload of weapons for the Taliban to terrorize Afghanis.

Scheller's parting shot is that his fellow 13 marines died uselessly due to politics, with high US officials spinning and denying their mistakes. US Marine was relieved for speaking against Joe Biden and formally relieved of duty by the Commanding Officer of School of Infantry-East.

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