The scene as Kim Jong-un watches invincible soldiers demonstrate extreme physical prowess and demonstrations that earn the admiration of the superiors. It gave an impression of the high degree of training that North Korean troops have, which should be feared by the forces of Seoul.

Invincible soldiers made the supreme leader elated as they crushed bricks with bare hands and were pushed on sharp nail beds with a scratched, seen in the video.

It was bizarre to see the NoKor soldiers going through choreographed and agile kicks and punches that were seen as inhuman. They were shirtless to emphasize their training as well.

NoKor army boasts martial arts, other dangerous stunts in exhibition

The exhibition of martial arts prowess by members of the North Korean army is a part of the opening segment of a defense exhibit held this week, and showing the dictator newest nuclear weapons on display, reported the Sun UK.

What can only be seen are crazed and intentional blasting layers of brick to smithereens, with hands and even their heads. More dangerous stunts were done by hammering on the soldiers' arms or hands, and lying on a nail bed while a block on his chest was hammered simultaneously, noted Uazmi.

One trooper broke two bottles made of glass and placed them in a pile lying on the ground. A video showing one soldier on the ground, lying on the glass while someone pounded a concrete block and smashing it with a sledgehammer, cited Eminetra

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The North Korean leader wore a dark suit with a pale blue tie, as he enjoyed the show while sitting near his sister Kim Yo-Jong while watching the spectacle of a soldier performing extreme feats!

A famous presenter, Ri Chun-hee, made remarks about the soldiers, mentioning they have are important to the party because these men show how strong, brave, and high morale is in the Korean People's Army (KPA).

This exhibition celebrates the anniversary and foundation of the Ruling Workers Party. KMJ went next to a nuclear missile last Tuesday. Kim added the collusion of Seoul and the US might force a nuclear war.

He stood close to the biggest missiles produced, but Pyongyang was just all about more self-defense, but not start a simple conflict.

The NoKor leader remarked no one likes war, which needs a preventive to stop it to protect national sovereignty, saying that North Korea's number on the opponent is war itself.

Arms race form both Koreas

North and South of the Korean peninsula are racing to get the most advanced weaponry like nuclear-tipped ICBMs and necessary hardware into their respective arsenals.

Seoul had its first-ever submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) fired by its navy. Other plans by South Korean military planners will be aircraft carriers and F-35 stealth fighters already bought.

Pyongyang has improved the nuclear missile program, with experts remarking the work on their nuclear reactor to make fuel for nuclear warheads.

To this effect, the US is ready to deal with Kim Jong-un to fix the row, once and for all. But, the NoKor leader said he's not interested in dealing yet.

Kim Jong-un watches invincible North Korean soldiers demo their skills in the exhibition for the whole world to see.

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