Re-establishing China and the European Union ties after Joe Biden and unsatisfactory deals with its members has allowed a pivot to normalize relations. The recent gap over issues concerning Beijing is thawing as the EU countries might ditch the US if they reach a good deal.

EU will renegotiate with Beijing

On Friday, European Council President Charles Michel will hold a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping after months of silence.

No one knows how the call will pan out, but both leaders are looking for concessions to restart where the two powers left off. But, how the White House would deal with this is not sure as the EU has lost confidence in the US leader.

Rocky times for the EU have prompted all 27 leaders to discuss their options, which involved resuming ties with the People's Republic of China (PRC), reported the Express UK.

But not all the member nations are too hot about it, and giving the Asian superpower a pass will not be easy to talk over past issues.

This would be the first time Michel and Xi would talk after the last discussion at the 2020's end. Everything was a downslide after that as the Bloc and Beijing did not share the same views on the issues, which led to a massive fallout.

But events notwithstanding the US dismal reputation due to Joe Biden might be the factor driving China and the European Union to try to be fixed.

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Critical issues that drove the split

The prior months before they split, that was caused by how the CCP would treat the Uyghurs minority in Xinjiang and the treatment of Taiwan opposed by Lithuania.

Of the EU members, Lithuania has keen intent on convincing other members that China should not be treated with kid gloves, instead be tougher.

Human rights, trade issues to be considered in the call

If it is any indicator, the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has declared the bloc will deal with China as a solid and unified bloc. The call's priority would be on human rights and trade considerations that both leaders will tackle in the call.

An anonymous EU diplomat remarked the EU official would ask Xi to withdraw sanctions against EU politicians who accused China of Xinjiang forced labor, repercussions like scrapping an agreement with Brussel's late last year. An EU diplomat said a better move would be a strategic economy.

According to Reinhard Bütikofer, the top MEP covering China affairs, there must be moves to push forward a positive development cited Politico.

Bütikofer posted a Tweet that encapsulated his sentiment that Beijing should take to everyone as a bloc.

Many western nations with some EU members accuse China of Genocide and human rights atrocities, especially those against the Uyghur, who are ethnic Muslims living in the Xinjiang province. Based on human rights groups' claims, numerous detainees of Uyghur descent are placed in camps for re-education.

This minority is even subjected to forced labor and sterilization of their women. There are allegations of sexual assault and torture as well. Beijing vehemently denies it these charges are false and to stop militancy in the mainland.

One of the first steps to normalizing China and the European Union is to discuss points that will benefit both, with Joe Biden out of the picture for now.

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