Joe Biden's leadership has hit another snag after the border, Afghanistan pull out, and a fuel and energy crisis like Europe. He stopped the Keystone XL pipeline from day one and stopped oil prospecting in US public lands, resulting in the energy-dependent US.

This crisis will make problems that should not have been in the White House had not struck down everything Donald Trump did to become energy independent. It would be less burdensome for everyone.

Recently, Putin was asked by the US president to prevent chaos; instead, the Kremlin ignored Biden.

Biden halting oil prospecting in US led to energy crisis

The European Union and China are in the grip of a terrible energy crisis that will not get better soon, resulting in many blackouts and certain deficiencies, including lack of HGV drivers, reported the Express UK.

More than a few blamed Brexit as the core of the energy crisis engulfing Europe. However, the US might be next to suffer from the energy shortage already wreaking havoc in EU member countries' energy prices.

Ernie Thrasher, who is the chief executive officer of Xcoal Energy & Resources LLC, was told by utility executives that if a short supply happens in the winter. It will cause blackouts in the USA.

One concern with the utilities is the assets would not have the supply they would need.

Biden blamed for energy crisis

Daniel Turner, the founder and director of Power the Future says that Joe Biden took away energy dependence and exposed the US to another fuel and energy crisis.

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On a Twitter post, Turner said that Joe Biden had stopped almost all oil and gas exploration in the US, intentionally dismantled the Keystone XL pipeline, wage a campaign on coal and reliable energy.

The president created this crisis without consultation. He broke the rule of law by signing tons of memos that included shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline that could have added energy security, cited the Diverse Bulletin.

If the pipeline were not shut down, it would be done and piping the oil from Alberta to Nebraska about 1,2000 miles away. It will be connected to an existing pipeline, but its key supporter, former President Donald Trump, had lost in a controversial election.

The XL Pipeline had a capacity of 830,000 barrels a day which could have protected the US from Europe's crisis.

Biden wanted to use less coal and fossil fuels, but many said to keep a backup of reliable sources, not rely on renewable sources. He insisted on curtailing everything but alternative energy because he could not wait.

China is experiencing a similar energy crisis as Europe, but it could get help from Putin, while the White House got snubbed for asking the Kremlin to intervene.

China hobbled by renewable energy

Last Monday, China was in danger of lessening the production of all its industrial activities, which has caused difficulty in the public and private sectors.

Joe Biden's assault on energy independence has made a synthetic fuel and energy crisis come about. Alarmingly, with winter coming, this will be chaos.

James Shrewsbury, part of e360 Power LLC, said the US could weather the winter, but it will be different if it gets colder, noted News Kingpin.

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