Europe's energy crisis has strained the relationship with the Kremlin, with the option for the EU should end hostilities with Russia.

Many consider Vladimir Putin a competitor, but the dire peril of the shortage should make EU members assess what should be done or suffer a prolonged problem.

Russia as a partner, not an adversary

One obvious option is to take what Putin offers to help the EU members. But this means the negative way he is seen should end. Without Russia's help getting more gas resources, there will definitely be a problem soon.

According to the Russian envoy to the European Union, if they would let go and regard the Russian leader as a partner, it would be an improvement, reported the Express UK.

A Russian official reportedly accused the EU of avoiding steps that would soften the blow of the increasing gas crisis and discounting gasoline's future significance in the context of strict renewable power targets. He added the blocs' hostility is not benefiting the scenario. nothing will happen unless Russia is considered a partner.

Moscow is ready to distribute gas reserves for EU members who want to import. It is a step to help stabilize and prevent shortages.

The group is evaluating these initiatives to insulate citizens throughout member countries from forthcoming record-breaking energy prices.

Sources say that the suggestion is under consideration by individuals, institutions looking for a way out of rising energy prices and Europe's energy crisis. The EU should end hostilities with Russia or have an extended problem.

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EU member countries to procure gas as a group

According to Joseph Borrell, chief diplomat of the Union, Spain was all for a group buy and with shared gas storage under Russia's umbrella, cited the Telegraph.

It is gaining traction with crucial EU member countries like France, Romania, Greece, and the Czech Republic, and this group is keen on supporting plans.

Mr. Borrell told the media that Russian gas is very needed this winter, but the supply purchased might be less than members' required, which shows how it is vital to resolved problems.

So far, Spain has started the ball rolling, which is fitting. However, it is better if all the deals for Russian gas are done as a group, not as individual countries, which most nations similarly did in the procurement of vaccines, noted the Diverse Bulletin.

The Chief EU diplomat engaged that Europe is in a dire state and cannot afford any differences more than ever. He remarked the dilemma with the gas supply is more critical, with the broken ties and linkages to Putin in Moscow.

Data shows that Russia is the key supplier for the EU in barrels of crude oil, natural gas, and solid fossil fuels in 2019. The bulk of energy supplies was the concern of Russia as well.

Mr. Borrell made it clear that even with the support of key bloc members, the group will buy the plan, and some will not agree. This would be a severe dilemma for members who want it.

The ambassador of the Kremlin to the EU bloc said fixing ties with Russia won't be complicated, or consider Putin, an adversary that will make life harder and expect worse shortages if the same disposition is maintained.

The EU could alleviate Europe's energy crisis with just one word from the Russian leader to Gasprom, but the EU should end hostilities with Russia and consider it a partner.

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