UK Brexit Minister David Frost said the interference of Joe Biden in the Northern Ireland Protocol is not welcome. The British politician made it clear that Washington had no right to dictate to London how to settle European Union concerns.

Like many in Britain, Lord Frost thinks that Washington has its own problems and the left, tearing the US apart.

For the US president to impose his opinion after the Afghan Fall, the mess of the AUKUS deal should be getting his undivided as it has fallout in Asia and Europe.

Joe Biden told to stay out of Brexit

Officials in the Biden presidency have voiced concerns about the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol, which was set up to avoid a hard border and its potential impact on the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement (GFA), reported the Express UK.

Lord Frost, Brexit Minister, is already overseeing consultations with the EU about executing goods controls in Belfast. The UK has warned to invoke Article 16 and cancel the deal if no progress is made.

Aiming a jab at the White House, the Brexit negotiator was not pleased with the actions of President Biden. He states London will decide the protocol and what is necessary to achieve goals.

Instead of agreeing on the UK decision, the US administration insists the Belfast Agreement be followed, not the UK, as per Biden's conditions. But Brexit Minister David Frost thinks that Joe Biden is not aware of what is happening. Politicians are unimpressed over the way things turned out recently in the US foreign policy.

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What happens next is Lord Frost issues statements that the US is out of line and should not dictate to the UK what to do. This comes as Biden faces problems abroad and how bad he is tanking in the US, in surveys disparaging him, noted TW News.

With the most clarity, Lord Frost said the London will always honor the 1998 Good Friday Agreement to keep peace in Northern Ireland, cited France 24.

Biden once again wades into Brexit but at the cost of barbs directed at him

It should have been the Biden White House that should not have enraged the British on the other side of the Atlantic. Some netizens have posted their thought, which would be show anger at the US president especially.

One of the users who is apparently fed up with the Democrat president antic is wearing on nerves and tells the president to mind his own business.

Another user wrote harshly to Joe that criticizing the UK should be avoided. The post remarked that the border is out of control, and he caused misery and deaths in Afghanistan.

One said that Sleepy Joe should get out of British business, and Brexit does not want a free trade agreement with the US. Also, he should get it in his head that Britain will trigger Article 16 to protect the UK. He added he wouldn't like it if Alaska or Texas were cut off from the United States. Another netizen commented that the Biden gang is confused about the protocol that affects the Good Friday Agreement.

The Northern Ireland Protocol said Brexit Minister David Frost should be hands off to Joe Biden, who has problems on many fronts.

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