The official autopsy report of Gabby Petito may finally be released this week.

On Monday, the Wyoming coroner that performed an autopsy on the 22-year-old announced that he would be holding a virtual news conference on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 12:30 p.m. Dr. Brent Blue will discuss the post-mortem results, and he will also confirm the official cause of death of Petito.

Weeks ago, Petito's death was ruled as a homicide. However, the circumstances of her death are still being kept under wraps, according to The Independent.

Brian Laundrie still at large

The official announcement came on the heels of other reports confirming that Petito's fiancé, Brian Laundrie, had not yet been found.

Last month, Laundrie's parents told the FBI that he went on a hike, but he never returned. Now, there are speculations that Laundrie's family might have misled the police to give their son ample time to escape authorities.

However, it is essential to note that Laundrie hasn't been formally charged in Petito's disappearance, but he was declared a person of interest early on.

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Gabby Petito's fiance issued a federal arrest warrant

A federal arrest warrant was issued against Laundrie for debit card fraud after he reportedly used multiple cards without the owner's consent.

The cards that Laundrie used have not been confirmed to be Petito's, but they can shed light on the fugitive's movements before and after his fiancée died.

Frank Figliuzzi, a former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, said that if the cards will be proven to be Petito's, this means that Laundrie used them after she died.

After all, police officers handling the case said that Laundrie engaged in "unauthorized" use of cards. "That means they are closer to fixing the time of death... that's why you are seeing 'unauthorized use,' she was likely dead at that time," he told CNBC.

Is Brian Laundrie still in Florida?

Petito's family and friends have been urging Laundrie to turn himself in so that they can get all the information they need about the vlogger's untimely demise.

However, it's unclear if Laundrie will ever come clean about what happened. And there are also speculations suggesting that he may no longer be alive. Experts said that the only way for Laundrie to survive is if he's professionally trained.

Robert Urban, founder and chief instructor of the Urban Survival Academy, told CNN that it's impossible to survive outdoors for more than three weeks. And the Florida climate makes it even more challenging to stay in the reserve without the proper gear.

Jason Marsteiner, founder and president of The Survival University, said that Laundrie must be lacking in sleep since he's been outdoors for almost a month.

If Laundrie lacks enough sleep, it's more likely for him to make bad decisions and drive himself insane. He could also get injured and perish.

On the contrary, some experts are also convinced that Laundrie is still alive. However, he may no longer be in Florida. After all, there are no physical signs that he ever stayed in the Florida nature reserve that his parents said he went to on Sept. 14, according to KCRA.

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