Donald Trump's planning conversations about staying in power even after Joe Biden won the 2020 election could eventually be exposed.

Biden recently approved the release of all documents asked for by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Donald Trump's executive privileges could be revoked

In her letter to the National Archives, White House Counsel Dana Remus said that the POTUS has defined that an affirmation of executive privilege is not in the country's best interest.

Once applied, all future document requests will be released virtually, including everything related to the Capitol riot. The harrowing event took place while Trump was still in office.

"The constitutional protections of executive privilege should not be used to shield, from Congress or the public, information that reflects a clear and apparent effort to subvert the Constitution itself," Remus wrote via the Huffington Post.

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The discussions on executive privilege came about after Trump claimed that he could withhold information on over 47 numbered documents, as well as all other documents that the House committee might ask from him.

To this day, Trump is still insisting that he won in the 2020 election. And the only reason why Biden was elected was that there was election fraud.

Norm Elsen, who served as Barack Obama's ethics lawyer, said that Biden's approach would keep very little about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot a secret from the public.

After all, Biden previously waived privilege regarding the testimony, and he's now eyeing the removal of Trump's executive privilege with regards to the documents.

Donald Trump tried to justify Jan. 6 Capitol riot

Last week, Trump released a statement where he seemingly justified the events on Jan. 6. The ex-POTUS said that the real insurrection happened on Nov. 3, which was the presidential election, not on Jan. 6.

However, his comments did not sit well with his critics, especially since several people died and others were injured following this year's attacks.

Trump was previously accused of inciting violence and encouraging his supports to flock to the Capitol to let their voices be heard, according to NPR

He previously said that Republicans fight like hell, and if they don't, they will no longer have a country.

Trump's lawyer came to his defense by saying that this wasn't the former president's way of inciting violence. He previously said that Trump once encouraged Republicans to engage in peaceful protests.

Donald Trump continues to say that he won against Joe Biden

On Friday, a new report surfaced detailing Trump's involvement three days before the Capitol riot.

On Jan. 3, Trump attended a meeting with officials from the Department of Justice, where he tried to make them overturn the result of the 2020 election. When they refused, Trump fought with them.

Trump was unable to get his way because some officials, including Pat Cipollone, a White House counsel, threatened to resign.

The report, titled "Subverting Justice: How the Former President and His Allies Pressured DOJ to Overturn the 2020 Election," also shed light on how Trump managed to convince other government officials to spread false claims about the election.

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