For quite a while, China has been lining up an array of high-tech weapons to face the United States on an equal playing field. Beijing knows how important is technological superiority is to tramp the Americans in any conflict, not be with it, then prepare to lose.

Beijing is ramping up its military technology to fight a war in the Indo-Pacific and get the upper hand, to dictate what follows next.

The United States military held back in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia due to the current administration. It is imminent that the best weapons be at Beijing's fingertips, to be the winners.

America could fight a near-peer battle

Chinese aerial forces have been bold in penetration incursion into Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in mounting numbers of aircraft. The mainland administration promised that the US and allies would pay dearly, reported the Sun UK.

The head of the US military is fretting that they've been left behind in a great power struggle with China and Russia. President Xi Jinping wants to pour in money for research and defense to outdistance the US by 2050.

A different war was fought to defeat insurgents for the past twenty years, but the fighting equipment is for the Cold War. Stuck in mostly low-tech wars, perfect for a cold war, is not so applicable now.

The Air Force's Air Combat Command commander, General Mark Kelly, said many weapons systems are considered towards obsoletion. He added there is a need to modernize as well, as China is lining up an array of high-tech weapons.

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People's Liberation Army (PLA) units have the latest technological arms that have been steadily updated, soldiers trained hard to focus on a high-end fight. In this case, the US has been left behind relevantly.

Chinese weapons of new technology

Beijing is expected to use the Pacific Ocean's enormous vastness to overwhelm Washington by building these scary missile systems capable of taking down the US Navy's largest ships.

One particular weapon is the Carrier Killer missile or hypersonic missile that will fly as high as 25 miles into the sky, then the Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) will be unleashed, noted Future Tech Trends.

The missile is high-speed and flies ten times faster than sonic speed, installed with incredible artificial intelligence, which points to the autonomous drone that knows where to go.

Like the B-2 Spirit, the PLA engineers are making a home-grown version that can attack US bases in the Indo-Pacific with nukes. But, there is a question of how stealthy it can be without US technology.

Called the Xian H-20 'the god of war in the sky' and, with a claimed 5000-mile operational radius, is supposed to be a gamechanger.

One of the recent weapons platforms developed by the Chinese is the WZ-8 drone which is supposed to fly hypersonic and AI-powered, and the CH-6 made to sink US ships.

As if taking a cue from a sci-fi, Beijing has suicide drone swarms to attack personnel, with tanks that are robotic as a well. Chinese military strategy is now focused the drone type platforms, cited Defense One.

In the armory of the CCP is the Type 094A, a new type of nuclear submarine with the JL-3 ballistic missile with a 6000-miles range of attack.

According to Rusi Professor John Louth, it is a preparation for something big, and China is lining up an array of high-tech weapons, which is deeply concerning.

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