"Squid Game" Season 2 has not yet been confirmed. But there seems to be hope for the hit Netflix series to get more episodes.

Following the release of "Squid Game" on Netflix, director Hwang Dong-hyuk said that he didn't have any immediate plans for "Squid Game" Season 2.

But just days later, he shared some ideas about the direction that hit series could take if it gets renewed for another season.

"If I do get to do one - one would be the story of the Frontman (Lee Byung-hun) [a former cop who now oversees the game]. I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea. I see it on the global news. This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in season two I can talk about this more," Hwang told The Times.

More information about Frontman could be revealed

In the first nine episodes of "Squid Game," not much was explained regarding the frontman and his true intentions even though there was an entire subplot about the frontman's brother trying to locate him, this interesting storyline after the death of Joon-ho (Wi Ha-joon).

So, seeing this storyline explored in "Squid Game" Season 2 is something audiences might want to see. However, there are also other storylines that fans of the series hope to see in Season 2.

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Is Ali still alive?

There are theories that Ali (Anupam Tripathi) will also be featured in "Squid Game" Season 2. Even though the character was presumably killed in the first season, there are rumors that he's still alive.

It's unclear how this storyline could unfold because fans saw a deceased Ali lying inside the black casket. But fans also know that Il-Nam (Oh Young-soo) was also depicted to be dead, but he's still alive.

Even though it would be a treat to see Ali in "Squid Game" Season 2, this storyline wouldn't necessarily make sense.

According to Men's Health, it will simply minimize the consequential nature of the fourth game. In this game, Ali competed with Cho Sang-Woo (Park Hae Soo) in a game of marbles.

Ali was winning at the game, but Cho Sang-Woo decided to trick him so that he would survive. Instead of giving Ali a small bag full of marbles, he gave him a bag filled with stones.

Joon-ho and Frontman could be working together

There are also some theories suggesting that Joon-ho is still alive. Even though his brother, the frontman, shot him in one of the scenes, his body was never recovered.

According to EpicStream, Joon-ho and his brother may be working together. And based on what the "Squid Game" director said about the storyline for Season 2, this makes sense.

Fans are also dying to see what will happen to Seong Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-jae). After learning the truth about Il Nam, he now has to keep this secret.

In the final episode of "Squid Game," Gi-Hun decided to stay in South Korea to participate in another round of The Game instead of traveling to the United States to be with his daughter.

This scene also suggests plenty of storylines that can be explored in "Squid Game" Season 2.

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