Liz Truss, the UK foreign secretary, says that the snubbing of Joe Biden with the trade deal will cost Brexit nothing compared to what the US is missing on. This comes as the White House did not take the offer of British PM Boris Johnson for the two countries in a free trade deal.

After the US president was not interested in a free trade deal (FDA), Truss made a statement saying one deal would benefit both countries, further pushing back America's closest ally to the end of the line.

Instead, the UK has options, and the White House doesn't need to delude itself that it is the end-all and be-all for London.

Other trade blocks available for the UK globally

Miss Truss made it clear that many trade blocks are scattered internationally and would be willing to trade, reported the Express UK. These trade treaties are the Pacific Trace Block, Israel, India, and the Gulf states.

She added all these mentions could be a sweet trade deal that the UK can sign on and not wait indefinitely for the White House to decide. When Conservative party members met in Manchester, they eased out the US for not dealing with the UK.

Many have agreed with Liz Truss's relatively straightforward analysis, especially Biden's attitude of discounting the UK. When the US needs something, Biden will need to line up and wait as well.

Some people gave their opinions over the US hesitancy to deal. The US snub will cost Brexit nothing, and it is their loss which the UK foreign secretary echoes.

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UK looks right partners for trade agreements

Miss Truss mentioned that one foreign policy requires that the UK, US, and all allies consider is to trade with developing nations to keep them from falling into untoward hands, like authoritarian regimes.

An example is how China used the Belt and Road to create economic links with developing nations globally. Even lending cash, they do not have to further their influence if they renege on the loans.

She spoke in a podcast and gave the following statements, saying that the UK, Australia, and allies must reach out to countries developing as trade partners, noted the National News.

If they fail to do and other authoritarian regimes take advantage of them, they will have other things in mind. Concepts of freedom and democracy will not be emphasized but fascism or radical political dogma.

The UK foreign secretary made it clear that China is straight on how it plays its cards on the international scene especially. Saying one way to push against strongmen regimes is to combat them with strength.

Setting up a sound infrastructure agreement with emerging countries will offset the expansion of countries like China, which has an ulterior motive to their deals, cited RTE.

Another aspect is to find the right partners for trade agreements who agree on the same principles that benefit both parties.

Truss added that China is an important trading partner but must follow the rules and no infringements or technology transfer for a deal to work.

Disregarding the US snub will cost Brexit nothing, said the UK foreign secretary because the US is not the only trading partner. Other deals can be made with others in a beneficial relationship.

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