The United Kingdom warns G7 (Group of Seven) countries that China undermines them when dealing with them. Beijing desires to impose its will on the international trading system forcefully. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) attempts to make changes and actively makes an organized attempt to influence the World Trade Organization.

UK Warns G7 about the Chinese threat

According to the United Kingdom's Trade Minister, Liz Truss, Britain is the current G7 president and head of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It seeks to make the UK a leading advocate of free trade post-Brexit.

Great Britain last Wednesday urged its G7 allies to be tough on China's dubious practices under suspicion. There are allegations that Beijing is active in subverting trade with western countries, according to the UK, as reported by the Epoch Times.

This concern has taken precedence as China's global domination is becoming a threat. All G7 countries should be more alert to keep several steps ahead to contain the threat.

Truss said that Beijing should respect the way the global trading system works, not go against it. The WTO should adjust to changing times and become more dynamic. She had an interview with the Financial Times that had these details she shared with the paper.

The UK warns G7 of the CCP's moves to carry out policies against trade practices and policies of G7 members. After Great Britain left the European Union (EU), it allowed an expansive view of what is happening in world trade.

Even before the G7 (Group of Seven) meetings convened, Truss stressed free trade if fairness lacks honest trade. She slammed that Beijing was not willing to stay in line and cooperate as part of the WTO.

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China committed malpractices that will not see as trustworthy from its illegal activities. Examples of these are alleged slaved labor, destruction of the environment, and stealing intellectual property without any regrets doing it.

London and Beijing don't see eye to eye and have bad relations for quite a while. Both have thrown sanctions at each other with tensions between them. Hong Kong's seizure by China is a flashpoint, and increased human rights violations made it worse.

Britain and WTO members are critical of the exceptions and benefits are given to China that is taken advantage of. China is already a huge economic power whose status has changed; it still calls itself a developing country. Chinese leaders don't want to change that status quo.

The G7 nations, with President Trump's push against the communist regime, began a hardliner stance. It continues today as western countries are not taking China at face value. There is a united effort to lessen the dominance of China actively. Member nations are looking for the best way to counter the Chinese regime.

Western countries fear the Chinese regime will become dominant in the post-World War Two international order. To prevent it, the UK Warns G7 how to reorganize and deal with the CCP and develop ways to improve fair world trade.

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